Zombie Server Feedback

before i get to far into making it i wana get some input from the community on a few thing’s . i was going to start each player with a free hand gun but now im thinking of making the environment more interactive . by such i mean you have to go out and find weapons to use such as , stop sign’s , parking meter’s ect . you would have to break them off and beat the zombies senseless with them before you get enough point’s to buy a real weapon . i had also thought about scattering weapons around to pick up and use like the old nintendo games . baseball bats , golf club’s , what have you . each one with a life span depending on the number of times it is used . i was going to make a poll but i didn’t see the option to .

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Personally I was looking for a video where everyone who starts the map has to go and grab weapons out a storage room in the safe house. They had to be quick because supplies were limited.

So yeah, make Items on the ground to pick up.
Game I was thinking of also had lil movable Barricades.

i guess is should have made myself more clear . should i …

  1. give them a gun right off the bat to kill zombies .

  2. make them use bow and bomb till they can buy a gun to kill zombies .

  3. not give them anything and make them use item’s found in the level to kill zombies .

in addition should …

a. i make the guns with unlimited ammo .

b. make them with limited ammo .

c. make them have a lifespan equivalent to their use .

Has no one ever fucking played Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty: World at War? How many fucking times do I need to say it if someone were to take this idea and put work into it and make it the best thing for Graal?


yes i have , that’s what I’m going off of . tho i don’t understand the second part of that .

i am taking the idea and putting work into , tho i don’t think it will be the best thing for graal . more something to waste a bit of time on when there’s nothing better to do . tho I’m not really taking the idea as it was done hundred’s of times over before call of duty got their hand’s on the idea of killing zombies . :rolleyes:

3, B&C


Then your wasting your time, people never put any quality work into these things, only Beholder has proven to a lot of people that he takes a lot of time of what he does just to get something to work like awesome (Bomber Arena).

It’s this kind of shit that gets Graal Reborn (servers) no where. Free time? Then just quit. For the last three fucking years we have not had one good fucking server and I get so sick of people like you that think are going to make a server and then quit two weeks in.


well lucky enough i haven’t been here for three “fucking” year’s . and since when has the number of good “fucking” server’s been my fault ? if your sick of people like me (if your so tired of people why are you still here ?) . In conclusion i have been working on this for the better part of two month’s and have no desire of quitting and have no desire to argue about your problem’s , get help .

incidentally this topic was to get feed back from the community to make the server better and give it a higher chance of success . I’d appreciate it if people wouldn’t retard it all up with pissed off ranting .


For someone who can’t spell, you sure think you know what you’re doing. You have little confident that this isn’t going to be any good for Graal (as far as I can tell, everyone that wants to try just dies off of it).

I am here to moderator the forums, I quit playing Graal because of people like you and terrible half-ass servers that intent to die after two weeks. I did not blame you for those people either, I am now officially pointing out the obvious that this will fail.

Seriously, take five minutes of your time and scan through the playerworld forum and you’ll probably find out pretty quickly why.


i think you mean confidence , not confident (no offence) . but your right , i can’t spell and I’m not sure of what I’m doing , but that’s not going to stop me from trying . I will scan through the playerwold forum and see what i can learn from other people’s mistakes . i thank you for your input and bid you good day as i have forums to look thought now .:stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, you’re correct about that piece of wording. I don’t like to sound like an ass, it’s just the last time someone did want to give this a try, it was a user named Downsider. We never saw any work or pictures just a post with ideas and I guess theory’s. :frowning:

Sounds a bit like Dead Rising, but in Graal. Would be cool if done successfully, but I think they should start off just by picking up random objects and what not. Also there has to be gore and body parts otherwise it will fail.

3, B&C and yes Downsider did want to try this but he didn’t do anything.

another question has to do with key’s and weapon use . i was going to use the default but one problem is the amount of time it take to change weapon’s . the only thing i can think of is removing the q menu and making a custom keydown lay out . this way you can throw a grenade by hitting “g” . mabey useing the number’s to switch between the type of grenades as i plan on making normal,stun,incendiary,holy and atomic . i plan on doing the same with land mines like , normal,proxy,claymores and bouncing betty’s . also if i should make the layout more like a computer game that use’s a,s,d,w for movement while the arrow and 0 key are for weapon use and type of weapon use , like the up arrow for long distance , down closer and left/right for how far and the 0 on the number pad for weapon fire .

think of it like this , if your holding down when you use a grenade you can roll it across the ground , or while holding up and using it would throw it . the use of left and right would be how much power you are using . to throw it closer or further away from you . my question is what are everyone’s personal preferences with key layout’s ?

in addition i may need some help with this , so anyone willing should forum pm me . mainly ill be in need of scripter’s , mabey a few lat’s . I’m an amateur at best when it comes to scripting . lat i can handle but there will be a lot of level’s to make .

Feedback! 91,000 matches for gernade on Google.

I’d be giving so much feedback if I could at least see the server.

the problem is there’s nothing to see yet . I’m trying to get some opinion’s first before i start heading in the wrong direction . i started an outside area so people can walk outside and kill a few zombie’s while i work more on the real stuff but i have to script the zombie , then i need to make a few more gani’s for thing’s like crawl and blood splatter , funny sound effect’s like a good ping or bang to go with hitting them with a stop sign . Mabey even a few good funny voice files like call of duty did but not the same ones . there will be a place to kill zombies soon that way i have somewhere to test stuff as i make it .

Can’t even go on the server. It’s staff only.

my bad , i didn’t know it was set to staff only . i turned that off and if you go to the bottom of the gathering room you can go outside . its only one level and it’s more of a testing area but you can see the grenade gui i just finished .

not to hijack this thread or anything. but how did you make the server warp npc work?