Zone PC Backup

Anyone seem to have an old full backup of Zone? I can’t seem to find one floating about anywhere.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and if this is placed in the wrong section, my apologies as I still don’t know how things truly run around here…

If we give you the backup will Stefan profit from it ultimately?

Hmmm, I think that people around here mostly appreciate what old graal stood for and Zone isn’t quite old or enough graal. I haven’t seen any backups of it though. My best guess is to try to get a developer position on the server with enough rights to download everything, like it was done with most of the backups that’s floating around. Maybe I’m wrong, someone might have it.

Zone doesn’t need anything else making it look bad. Please let it die in peace.

Afaik even Tig doesn’t have rights to absolutely everything on GK, so it’s very unlikely anyone will have a full backup of Zone.

Alrighty, thanks for the replies.


He asks if it’s for the iZone app, I guess.

Oh! No, not at all.

Basically, I’m most likely going to end up resigning from iZone, seeing as it’s not going in the best direction, and Stefan is planning on closing PC Zone from the public. I was wondering if there was a backup laying around anywhere, but as I can see the community wishes for it to not even be remembered, I won’t bother.

Some people on GO has fond memories of Zone, but we’re mostly classic players here. Atleast the older ones of us. I only played Classic on GO, from when I started until 2005-2006, when Classic was rebooted because of GS2. Then I played Zodiac until my account was reset and later banned. lol

It’s more that Stefan took a massive dump on PC Zone so many years ago and that the few developers with an attachment to the server realized it would be futile to try and work around it.

I kinda thought zone was badass

I played Zone a lot. Can this thread go away now?