2002 the year of 1.39

Here is a graalconfig.txt I found in an old old Graal 1.39 client backup


Good times :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason I had no idea where this was is because it was in:
H:\_NEW ROOT\Backups\H DRIVE BACKUP\^Andrews C Drive Backups\Downloads\$Graal 1.3\Gserverv1.39\Graal139_Client\graal139

So…What is it for?
Just sorta looking back on “the good ol’ days”?


raises hand


I have no idea if you remember me at all, but I played all of those servers at one point…

I notice one big exception missing from your config file:



I think I played on Rival too but it shutdown pretty soon after lol

I ran the graaladventure_com server =D

I bought website hosting at splicehost_com (can’t post links?) and they give you SSH access so i ran the server on my web hosting account. Had 50 players on it at the same time at one stage.