39ster (no idea how old he is)


Not sure if he’s still around or reads these forums but in any case

Happy Birthday to 39ster. Hope you’re having a great time wherever you are.

For those who don’t know 39ster is one of the old time originals that did a lot of work on the Gserver stuff dating back to over a decade ago.


Cheers, 39sters!


Happy birthday 39ster!


Thanks. Just visited this site since it changed from the VB forums and scrolled down to see this post. Username was already taken (hmm?) but yeah this is me. I turned 29 when you posted this, now recently 30. My birthday is 13th October btw :wink: and yeah me and you used to message heaps over AIM (haven’t touched it in a decade)

Anyways what’s going on here? Any projects in the making? I don’t understand the new forum structure.


Use the recover password option to recover your old account


happy bday