3DS Lineup


Don’t know anyone saw it so…

It seems clunky. I already sometimes press buttons on the DS Lite that I dont want to, also, this is actual proof that they are releasing OOT.

Do want.

Me too, but I am not paying 300 bucks for it. I have seen the 3D TVs and they dont work for me, so If it is gonna be like that…

I want Reviews when it comes out. I will think about it. FFS the fanboys can suck me.

Are you a cyclops?

I don’t know, I poked an eye out last year and I didn’t feel it, much less notice anything…

Nah, J/K to be honest, I think I was standing too close.

You always stand too close. Back up and give me some personal space.

acekard3DS anyone?

Get off its dick Yenairo!

shut up optional