So, it recently came out. Has anyone got to try it out yet?

I’m interested in one, but I would like to hear some opinions about the 3DS itself.

I tried a unit at Best Buy. It worked pretty well for me. My friend, who has really terrible eyesight, couldn’t see the 3D effect that well.


For cripes sakes! Current generation gaming companies keep making new and ‘improved’ consoles! I’m ok with having a normal DS, thanks.
Also, the newer games are going to be compatible for freaking 3DS instead. That is one big fat wow! …oh, you couldn’t hear me out because you were too busy being sucked in. Meh, I know how it’s like. I like 2D games better, they don’t use so much mini freaking polygons!

Aside from anti-consumerism ranting, I might actually get one… in the future… 2012!

The hell are you going on about? OMG HARDWARE IS ADVANCING? Of course they are fucking making new and improved consoles, the DS was launched 7 years ago. That’s a long damn time for a console to be on the market. The 3DS is not just a slightly improved DS like the DSlite or DSi, it’s a new handheld altogether. It’s more powerful than the 3DS, so it can play larger and more beautiful games. That’s like going, “oh man, I’m fine with my original Playstation, why the hell did they made a PS2!?!”

As for me and the 3ds? I will wait. It’s too expensive and I’ve yet to even try it out. However, I will not simply buy it because it’s OMG3D!?!? Whoever does that is dumb. Buy it because it’s a good console/handheld and that’s it. I will see how the games pan out to determine whether it’s worth it, and probably wait until some sort of price drop anyways. The games do look pretty nice so far though :slight_smile:

I gave up my phatty DS and hawked my lite two weeks after having it because my life sucks.
Never had any other model.

You bet your ass I’m getting a 3DS. Especially for OOT remake since I’m a Zelda faggut.
Praying to God they also fix Majora’s Mask up that way but leave all the good stuff like bomb hovers wughaguhgugh.

I have an iPod Touch now but that’s not really a handheld gaming device, it’s a damn good mp3 player. Probably since that’s what its built to do.

I don’t have anything to do on road trips.

I’m assuming the 3DS won’t be affected by my bad nearsightedness?
aka I do not wear reading glasses.

I’ve never owned a DS. I just use GBA emulators on my iPod touch. I’m pretty sure all this 3D crap is just so we can be even more absent from the real world. ‘BAI MOM AND DAD IM OFF TO SAVE THE PRINCESS WITH MARIO AND LUIGI, SEE YA’ IN A FEW DAYS!’

It amazing, I love it, it’s the best ever. Awesome games are going to be coming out, I’m sure.

The gba emulator is awful right now I’m suffering on LTTP it only been my second day and I’m only on the third dungeon DX it’s ruining my reputation cuz I can’t play in landscape cuz of my fucking glitched second gen iPod

this thread is about 3DS uh oh

anyhow when I get mine I’ll be anticipating an acekard for it or something

Last thing I had was an M3 for my phatty DS and an R4 for my lite. I wanted to move to acekard then.

What I really want to know is… after the GBA slot was removed from DS models, so was the ability to add an expansion RAM/Rumble/etc and so I suppose you can’t play GBA on them anymore since you can’t emulate it

Unless the 3DS is more powerful hardware wise or contains some component that could be used in place of said expansions

there is a button on it that makes it 2d.

The 3DS is more powerful than the DS. I dunno, looks on par with the PS2, and that’s when it’s powering two screens. I haven’t been able to find any reliable specs on it though.

GBA emulation can still be a bitch though.

VBA-M port time…

Emulation can be a bitch.

tru dat but it’s highly likely an nes emulator will- oh wait it already did


The NES is an old console and it’s been emulated so many times on so many different systems. As well, it’s a less powerful console so takes less effort to emulate on the systems part.

Yeah that was my pointless point :3

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uh oh

iPhone destroid

Funny thing about apple and the gaming shit.
Before I would play my music, some videos, and games on the iPhone 1G
Which is obviously outdated. So basically yesterday when I was late washing clothes I left my iPhone in some jeans I wore the previous day and I find it in the washer. So then I split it apart with a knife…
Anyway it wasnt that good at gaming due to the hardware. I do look forward to buying the newest ipod touch and the 3DS in april hopefully. Along with a PS3 and the newest xbox since mine keeps fucking freezing.

I do like that Dead or Alive that I saw gameplay of. It looks like it will be fun. same with super street fighter 4 3d.

i thought it looked cool, but staring at the screen for > 2m and my head started hurting sadly enough.

I hear that a lot, like Nalin mentioned. Does the 3DS strain the eyes? or does it make you dizzy? I would assume it would make you feel dizzy once your done and going on with your business. Probably different for everyone.

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You mean the DSi models? There is a way, but both require a flashcart. Supercard DSTwo has an emulator for GBA games, it runs at pretty good speeds but nothing perfect. Another one is called iPlayer I think, but it’s a joke.

As far as I heard with the 3DS it’s going to have a GBA shop once the shop thingy gets released on it. So I would imagine if someone was able to hack the 3DS then playing GBA (pirated) through a flashcart would run perfectly.

Now, let’s get off the topic of ‘emulation’ since it seems were going down the ‘pirate’ discussion.

I’m gonna get a 3DS in a few weeks. I’ll just check peoples’ garbage cans, everyone will throw them out due the headaches they cause. It will be the ‘virtual-boy’ all over again!