4.) Phoenix Part 2 Progress Thread

(Stole Codr’s template for progress presentation)
Now that the Beta release met its major goals we will be moving to a new area of the map for development. This development should focus around the kingdom of Artareo.

Our major goals for Part 2:

[list][]Add in detailed content which will guide the player to quests and provide background information on the world of Phoenix
]Introduce 3 new quests with new items – some of these quests will be inserted in between quests that already exist. For those who have completed all the quests in Phoenix these will not be necessary, but some incentive will be added to so that completion would be advantageous
[]Add in new mini-games and high-score related games. Yet to be decided
]Open new, previously blocked, areas of the map
[*]Introduce systems which will make puzzles easier to reset if a player does get stuck

Below is the current progress

Struckout text indicates a completed step.
Red text indicates work in progress.
Blue text indicates fully implemented. Ready for testing.

 [color=red]Magic Quest[/color]
    [color=red]NPC placement and dialogue[/color] (60%)
    [color=red]Interior Levels[/color] (50%)
    [color=red]Puzzle Mechanics[/color] (75%)
    [color=red]Boss Mechanics[/color] (95%)
    [color=red]Item Graphics and Ganis[/color] (95%)
    [color=red]Item Script[/color] (100%)
    [color=red]Map Integration[/color] (25%)
 [color=red]OOB Quest[/color]
    NPC placement and dialogue
    [color=blue]Interior Levels[/color] (100%)
    [color=blue]Exterior Levels[/color] (100%)
    [color=red]Puzzle Mechanics[/color] (60%)    
    [color=red]Item Graphics and Ganis[/color] (90%)
    [color=red]Item Script[/color] (90%)
   [color=red]Map Integration[/color] (50%)

 [color=red]Klickitat Bomy Quest[/color]
    NPC placement and dialogue
    Interior Levels
    Puzzle Mechanics    
    Item Graphics and Ganis
    Item Script
    Map Integration

[color=blue]Mini-Game Target Game[/color] READY FOR TESTING
  [color=blue]Target Game[/color] (100%)
  [color=blue]Graphics[/color] (100%)
  [color=blue]Scripts[/color] (100%)
  [color=blue]Integration[/color] (100%)

Reset Function
 Graphics (if necessary)

 [color=red]Interior/Exterior Levels[/color] (90%)
 [color=red]NPC placement and dialogue[/color] (60%)
 [color=blue]Integrate Tavern Script[/color] (100%)
 [color=blue]Integration[/color] (100%)

Feel free to make comments, criticisms and suggestions.

Had myself a little looksy around the place and it looks great. Probably my favorite place on the map. The mini-quest to get the warpstone there was pretty fun, too. I’m looking forward to dominating this filthy elven stronghold helping the locals and completing their quests.

Rest assured we’re working hard guys. Hang in there.

Looks like we’re getting a Phoenix cheerleading squad