A bitch move :/

Well, my server got deleted for the fifth time. It was being hosted by Joey, I was offline for a day, and POOF it’s fucking gone. This is the FIFTH time. Am I like a target or something, I mean seriously? :bang: :emo:

dude same thing happened to me a lot then when skittlez got popular it didnt delete :smiley:

Stop making crap servers and they won’t be removed.

i agree no offence kondie just stick with one server stop making dev kondie,kondie dev,Kondie dev,darknessdev just make one you know you could stick with and backup this server before anything could happen :animesmiley:

I was making all of those but they kept getting deleted after a day. Then Urza gave me a protected one two days ago, and it got removed probably on accident. And Spooon you can suck it, you have NEVER seen my work so yea…

Just host it on your computer, problem solved.

Meh I would like to see some of ur work Kondie :O. Lol he told spooon to suck it.

Gonna take that spooon!

i think they are deleting it because all these servers are hidden when you make your next one ill help you put it on the server list

I wasn’t going to but then someone started deleting my posts.

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Don’t make crappy servers and they won’t be removed. End of story.

The hosting was revamped so ALL servers was removed. backups are available (i think) if you ask joey.

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http://hosting.graal.in/ btw

You know what wasn’t a bitch move… The comment question of the day from a user named Spooon and he said…

RWJ reference fail


people like me dont have this issue…I host my own server from my own computer…and all data is backed up onto eternal drive and laptop (I work on server using laptop, and upload via wireless network)

so basicly, try and host your own servers instead of using a hosting service, less risks.

They can’t. They’re far too retarded to figure out how to forward a port.

People sure get upset over something they’re getting for free.


aka you get what you “payed” for :stuck_out_tongue:


send me a private message with your server name and i’ll give you the backups for them. I clearly wrote in the new thread that i have backups of every server right before the switch.

Them eternal drives are priceless.