A Cool Thing I Made.


We all know how to do this O___O

I know but, im proud of it.
Also I cant figure out how to make the NPCS head show


Instead of using #3, you have to specify the head image of the NPC. I don’t remember if there’s a way to get a char prop like #3 for the NPC.

I always used #I

tokenize the npc prop and utilize it with a this.head string or something . we need a real npc server that uses gs1 or some trigger hacks for getnpc and all those commands we need the npc server for and just cut out the npc server all together .

#3(-1) will reference the current npcs head attribute as anything with the index -1 will.

There’s a few reasons why a npc server would be useful, but what you’ve said here is pretty invalid.
The only you can’t do with npc character property referencing is reference another npc’s properties from any other script. You can only find the current one. Which is using the index -1. Of course, there’s ways of getting around it but they’re disgusting and shouldn’t have to be done.

was he talking about two ? i thought he was doing it all from the same npc .

Someone “delete” this thread please

Nup, it’s a valuable lesson and no longer your property >:]

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