A counter-strike world?

Although I did not play much counter-strike (like) games.

It just happend to my mind that the Graal game seems to fit well with this idea.

I imagine one guild beginning to the north, the other guild to the south.
They have no weapon nor amunitions at the beginning of each game.

Weapons and amunitions are hidden in chest (or and under bushes), randomly before each game.

The goal of the north guild is to take the south flag, and the other way around.

Seems simple to make at first glance.

People hated Era, a futuristic style server with guns, so this might not go over well…

And yet I don’t care what people hate. At least it’s a functional idea that someone here could actually LAT and script because it’s supposed to be contrived.

Sounds like ctf but with different weapons. There’s no reason the weapons would have to be futuristic or even modern.

You could make magic type weapons.

I’ve seen CTF stick with the traditional ‘sword-only’ style on N-Pulse.

That’s the way it will stay. I hate this idea. Modern Servers need to burn in hell with people like-- nevermind.

I was thinking of bows, mostly. And bombs.

Well, but now I seems to think that it is not really possible, at least without a NPC-Server. And even then I am not sure. I think that without a NPC-Server, script are executed only on the clients. So that scripts could only affect the player (on it’s own machine). It’s not clear I know.

In Graal, I think you cannot attach a script to the map. That’s where I would like to attach the script to randomly distribute weapon before each game.

I think they can only be attached to weapons and NPC.
Oh… each weapon would have to teleport itself in a random chest, or under a random
bush. But then, as it is executed on each client, each client would have them in different places I suppose. Unless there is a way for the client to request a random value to the server, that would be the same for each clients.

Also, how could the script to end the game could have the right to teleport everyone back to their starting point? I doubt it can.

How do you think Bomber Arena works. :expressionless: It would work the same way I assume.

i did this already a long time ago and no one wanted to play it

It’s a bit hard to figure how bomber works when you’ve never played it.


I’m still fairly new myself, but I think you’re making it overly complicated. I would guess that the best way to do your random weapon location thing would be with server strings. For instance, you could have an NPC in one of the start locations that has something like:

if (strequals(server.ctfGame,no-game-in-progress)) {
  levels = a1.nw a2.nw a3.nw a4.nw;
  tokenize levels;
  setstring server.ctfGame,#t(int(random(0,4))),int(random(0,64)),int(random(0,64));
  setstring server.ctfGame,#s(server.ctfGame)+#t(int(random(0,4))),int(random(0,64)),int(random(0,64));
  // etc... 

then in each of the levels have an npc that on playerenters() check this server string to see if we need to drop a weapon-chest and if so, what the location of that chest should be. (maybe throw another element in the list for if the chest has been opened already so multiple players can’t open the same chest multiple times).