A Few Servers Down

It looks as if a few servers are down currently including both PWA’s. The only servers currently standing are KOS and Zolderon. [USER=“541”]hosler[/USER], I sent you a message.

It’s not letting me in to check it, we’ll have to wait for hosler.

wtf yall do

we should be asking you the same question

host decided to remove the fuse module. gato highly depends on fuse. ive asked for fuse back. stand by


everyone get off zolderon and get back to your servers. issue is resolved.

All those Dylans get out!

This again

I didn’t even notice it this time

too bad I wasn’t there on my throne as the prince of zolderon

a certain somebody uploaded a bunch of trash which ate up all my bandwidth and my service got suspended. im talking with my host now. hopefully they will understand GR’s cause and have mercy.

Network is back up but i cant start yalls servers till i get back to GR’s central control disaster recovery headquaters station.

Sounds suspicious. Those words are too wordy for me. Cannot trust.

Can confirm. 7 hours later and servers still aren’t back online.

Thanks for the confirmation. Status has been logged.

Stuff is back online

they are back down again :smiley:

What the flying fuck

yall might need to start hosting your own servers. i am incapable of keeping these servers online for more than a few days at a time

lol host deleted all data again and they cannot recover it. i give up. yall are on your own for now as far as gservers go.