A few suggestions for Benzy

You should rethink if you really able to host / run / manage a server. Maybe you should just start as Dev somehwere? Just doing levels maybe? I know you feel like a pr0 now because you are the manager and you can add everything you want but… seriously. You didnt even understand the tutorial. You didnt learn anything from previous scripts and postings.


Being 4 years old.
Let’s take it to the complaint section.

I don’t know why the hell he is here if he thinks he can have everything handed to him. It’s an insult.

-_- isn’t a reply, defend yourself!

Benzy. You should just start SLOW and not just with some ultra big plans and an own server + staffteam. Start with a simple door script. Work your way up. If you need HELP ask for it. But all you do is asking for 100% working full implemented SHIT that you dont even understand when its presented on a silver plate. To manage a staffteam you need experience and seriously… your 3 years old maybe.

You people are so mean… -_-

lol. I started to think that I’m the only one whos annoyed. I mean… I check this forums maybe 1 - 2 times per day and when you just see 10 topics from him all with simliar questions and stupid requests…

Nothing against him. Seriously. I don’t know that kid. But the show he is presenting here is just amazing. He managed to avoid every little tutorial and to ignore every positive or negative feedback without being banned or blocked. He’s good. Maybe he was the one who killed OsamaBinLaden? By just annoying him? Omg. Would explain the situation. Osama comitted suicide! Omg…

Were trying to help. Don’t make a billion help threads, don’t double/triple/quadruple post (it doesn’t help replies to come faster), don’t ask for stuff, and make an attempt to learn, and not just repeat yourself.

We don’t hate you, we just want to help make you better.

Then why are you people saying that i’m “Retarded”?

Maybe because of your behaviour?

I just need help…

You need HELP. Yes. But all you ask for are solutions. Man. Even if you EVER manage to 100% copy and paste everything and produce a ‘playable’ server… nobody would join it. Your updates would be limited to what people code for you.

Here is a collection of all your topics:

Read your topics. ‘I request a western tileset’ ‘I work on a modern tileset’ Even that little exmaple shows you have no idea, what the hell you are doing! “I REQUEST”. Wtf do you expect? That people are that bored to draw a complete tileset for you? Are you serious? A good tileset required weeks / months if you want to add really everything to it…

Dude. Stop hiring people. Make one level called “test.nw” and play around with scripts in there. Seriously.We have no problem with helping when you try to LEARN coding.

I want someone to delete this thread :frowning:

Look, I don’t hate you. I want to help you, but your still unwilling to learn after all of this has been brought to your attention. We won’t have a problem with you if you try to improve. Can you at least post here promising to improve?

Wow, i thought you would delete this… thats suprising… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah. Meanie. <3


Aside from that, Benzy. You’re sounding real malproductive there.
edit: ahem Why did you do that just now, Riley?

Kid doesn’t deserve a whole thread against him.


I suggest that if you want help first of all, attempt the problem yourself. Show people that you are at least trying! The second step is to pm someone or make a post, Because I hate posts being creating for one silly question you can just pm as long as you dont spam my inbox at which point I will ignore you.

Alot of your questions have already been asked and answered on the forums. I suggest using the search button. You do however deserver most of this since you seem to have the mindset that we are going to do all the work for you just because your a manager. Just so you know, managers of a successful server work as well.