A little project I've been working on...

Well you may of noticed me on the forums for about a week or so now. To be honest this is some stolen account my friend gave me but anyways back to the topic. I’ve been working on a server with MrCow. I’m the LAT, GFX and I do a bit of Ganis and Coding. Caleb basically does everything I do too, but he says I’m a better LAT than him. Anyways I’ve been working on an overworld for the server we’re making called Viax aXa. Here is a little picture of the map so far:

p.s. we could use some help codingwise

looks alrite…

Some moar spoilers, I guess…

First Picture:
A stupid guard is telling you can’t go in the dangerous woods until you have weapons and to the right is Mr. Derp’s house. He’s being sent to the insane asylum soon, mainly because he says ‘derp’ too much, but there’s some other deeper problems with him…

Second Picture:
A church with some graves. The church is having some problems in the catacombs, the dead seem to rising back to life, but they aren’t quite the same as the old graalians they were. You can also get a glimpse of a little pond, which is a nice place to idle at.
oh and I broke the grave tiles by accident, they will be fixed soon, just a bug in the in the tiles

does he herp when he derps or does he derp the herp


if the quality is good enough I’ll play it until I run out of quests, yep. Your latting alrite but its not special.

Yeah, I agree. To be honest I haven’t made a level for several months, although I wasn’t much better a few months ago. I guess I need more practice.

I like the trees, but I do not like the poor use of space and the grass detailing

I have some suggestions.

First, make the path clear. What I mean by this is that players should be able to see that they are on a path so that they are not wandering aimlessly. Biggest problem I have with servers is when I never know where I’m going. Make places where people are meant to walk noticeable. Try using dirt paths, roads, or empty grass space to show players that if they go in that direction they will find something.

Second, manage space. Something I always see on servers are many large open areas or a few scattered areas that have content jammed in. Think of what you need and how much space it takes. Plan everything around the path players will naturally take.

Hope this helps.

Indeed, I haven’t finish the path yet, I can understand how annoying it is when you can’t find stuff.