A new client?

So about 2 weeks ago i decided to work on a new client in c++. Somehow i fucking deleted that (i imported some other 3rd party library and tried to delete the CMake file and everything got deleted. Used backup recovery type projects but none of the files i needed were recovered).

So i’m proposing a new client i will be making. Hopefully 90% will be finished within 2 weeks. I will make it open source as i will no doubt will be quitting and losing interest in a short time like all my other projects.

This is some weird thing i made a few years ago to test a “Game Maker” type project i was making (never panned out). Found out after bulk testing tons of npcs it would be too slow and need a rewrite in c++ (not GameMonkey)


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Why are you not on our discord

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Possible unaware-ness of said Discord?

one month later

Portha won – community is dead.


We’re alive, and I think it’s structured appropriately as is on second thought. Also that guy doesn’t live here anymore so I motion to remove his name from all discussion.

S’long as Spooon posts, the community is alive and Portha has not won.


sad reacts only FFFFF

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After losing the source code then super lack of interest, couldn’t be assed lol

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I still luv u