A new Sandbox Game



Trying it now. Just wanted to share this with u.

…Music… Sounds. so familiar.
It’s like someone too blockland, and runescape into one.

And then they took a shit on it and said PLAY MAH GAME

it looks like Roblox meets Second Life…

I played it and was very nonplussed; it’s weird and experienced players can abuse the fuck out of you.

like Roblox and second life

I got two kids constantly playing Roblox in the Library till closing, lol

Didn’t play for that long :o. I went outside of the castle place and killed some monsters


Aw, I wanted to let Beholder figure it out on his own.

Haha, don’t worry, I knew- sadly.

Did you watch long enough to hear Never Wanna Give You Up?

8-bit Version!!!


Looks like the deformed child of Runescape and Mine craft. :eek:

Haha, I win. 3 People at my library. (not me or bro or sis. xD)