A New Server - Tanasia

I am working atm at a MMORPG-Server called Tanasia. I wanna do it all bymyself, to improve my skills at Levels/Scripting except GFX… Is there anyone who wanna work on the server doing some gfx like .GIF effects(Skills) If yes, i would be very thankful…

The Server includes: -A Leveling System // O -A Mining System // X -A Skill System // X -Many ways to earn $ // O -Many ways to waste $ // O -Events // O -PvP // X -Dungeons // O -Quests // O -Weapons (w/ special Skills) // O -Shields (w/ special Skills) // X -Mounts // X // O = FINISH // X = NOT FINISH // Note: Max Level :(atm 10) gets 5 points higher after every new dungeon release. // More stuffs comming soon [05.27.2015 LAST UPDATE]