a question about a player

does Beholder have any global playerworld rights?
i need a anwser so i dont actadently jail him for bug abbuse -.-

lol, no. noone does.

well sorry i didnt know how you ‘run’ things here -.-

But he is an admin, and I don’t see why you’d want to ban/jail him.

i dont like unauthorized people peping into my Devolopement levels (unless its for offical busness)

my gawd! just let beholder look

Its not like HE’D want anything of YOURS :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly won’t though unless you ban them for the most retarded reason you can think of.

darkblade has banned Urza for: 1800 Hours
Reason: Stop saying dirty words

Like Benjiro banning Crossfire because he doesn’t like him. Likewise for Crossfire?

I only jailed crossfire. The little puke stole my server.

I think the question has been answered.

So I’m locking this awful thread that’s in the wrong place.