About the recent downtimes

Apparently there has been a network outage at the datacenter where the server is hosted.


The listserver/loginserver is now back online!

I just thought some reindeer busted into your server room and it was taking you a while to fight them off

Host gator has been so shitty the past few months. They migrated a shit ton of their clients to a new data center without notice, and then for an entire month the servers were running extremely slow. Then they had a nice 36 hour blackout. Lovely company since they were bought out.

This is basically why the reborn server was so slow before…

I have a virtual shared server with them, and i was contemplating leaving them… until i realized that the company who bought them out also owns like every other big hosting company lol…

At least we got a huge upgrade for free and the price is still the same.
70 GB hdd -> 1 TB HDD
Intel Celeron 2 GHz -> Xeon Quadcore 2,3 GHz
512 MB DDR -> 4 GB DDR3

What are you paying? And not a vps?

Dedicated server, and it’s not too much considering what we get. about $37/mo.

It’s probably meant for smaller businesses. :slight_smile:

Btw, this basically means if you guys want something else to play besides graal, I’ll host a server for it. I think the server can handle it. :slight_smile:

From host gator?? or another hosting company who rents from their

The thing is, the guy I rent the server with knows a guy that used to work for a hosting company, that later was bought up by hostgator. This guy got the server for a staff discount price, but the price stuck after he was fired, and after the company was bought up. This is why the old server was so ancient. It was basically something hostgator had left from before the buy out. And as long as we keep paying we can keep the server, they got no right to kick us out. :slight_smile:

surprised they upgraded the server without requesting an increase. that is actually really surprising considering its a dedicated server and not a vps server. always easy to overload your existing servers but to waste a server + power for so little when they probably charge close to $200.

hehe i guess you been loyal forever so why not lol

Yeah, we actually asked them if there would be a price increase, but they said they wouldn’t increase it. Of course since the USD’s worth is at the bottom, they have put up the USD price, but if you convert it to SEK (Swedish Krona) it’s about the same really.

They said they were going to upgrade all the customers, so maybe they got a great deal for new hardware and just didn’t want power hungry ancient servers to deal with in their datacenters.

probably some old hardware, a lot of the companies who offer cloud services throw away 2-3 year old hardware like its ancient. i guess who am i to judge… i upgraded from i7 sandy to i7 haswell. (although i did need a new mobo, so technically saving in the long run maybe… idk)