Abuse of power .

i suggest a new moderator . seeing that in one day I’ve had messages on my profile telling me how much i suck (two in less than a minute) and a ban on two account’s without proper cause . i mean really , you can be banned just because someone doesn’t like you , now that’s fucked up . [start joke] also i suggest changing his name to Unix-Spooon , as he does remind me so much of that internet natzi [/end joke] .

What accounts were banned?
Usually we only ban accounts if we think they’re a spam bot.

As for the profile (I can see the deleted comments), he was just playing around with you, he has a trollish nature but he generally knows when to stop, and to not drag a ‘joke’ out O_o

As for “i mean really , you can be banned just because someone doesn’t like you, now that’s fucked up”, did you really forget how Official Graal operates? Usually we don’t ban people that annoy the piss out of us, trust us, we’ve had a handful of people over the years we’ve gone “Why the hell don’t we just ban them!”, and last I checked you’re not on that ‘list’.

Unximad used to ban his own globals for just associating with websites like www.graalians.com / The UGCC. That is part of the reason why people are afraid to join us or to be associated with a friend that joins us.

LoakeyRonso and MysticalNinja were both banned and your not gona see them there now because he done removed them . This all happened before any of you were on the forums and he undid it (probally so he wouldnt get caught) . i went to check my yahoo and when i tryed to log in it said banned “suckysucky” and no ban time . last time i checked my MysticalNinja account was still banned . i haven’t forgot how Official Graal work’s , they have reason’s for banning people . like hacking , not just “i don’t like you” . i know he likes to mess with people but we apparently disagree on knowing when to stop . here’s what i get when i try to log into MysticalNinja , its the same thing i got when i tryed to log into LoakeyRonso this morning but this one has a ban length on it .

Dunno. Lot of people get jailed and banned for plenty of stupid reasons. Usually they try to build up some story to it, sometimes its “He PKed me with a staff tag on”, isn’t unusual for Globals or Unixmad to ban people they don’t like either, then the help desk refuses to help them.

(Currently the only one about to get the Unixmad tag is Rou though, to make enough money stealing people’s works and using them to sell abused advertisement space so he never has to lift a finger, because labor, hard work and the people that bust their asses off their entire lives are beneath him.)

  • Back to the issue. That’s a retarded reason to ban someone.

Oh well.

The only reason I’m doing this shit to you is because you cry and complain over stupid fucking shit. Calm the fuck down and I won’t pick on you. Normally when people make a new account, it’s to start over; not to just piss of the same people. And, next time you try telling me to grow up you should try growing up first. Fucking pussy.

your age say’s twenty something but your vocabulary say’s ten . you call your self an adult but you act like a child . someone appointed you as a mod to prevent harassment and abuse but your always in the middle of it . this is not a cry , its a formal complaint against you . and the new account wasn’t to start over , it was so i could post in the form’s without you attacking or harassing me at every turn , which was happening till this twiggy incident when you finally became aware of who i was , which has left you to start where you left off .

Firstly, the reason I flame you is because you act like a fucking pussy. You bitch and complain about everything. You argue with people for stupid shit. The thing with Twiggy was just stupid. You stole his fucking images and started arguing with him because he was angry with you for never asking. And on top of that, you thought you had a legitimate case against him because this is Graal. It doesn’t matter if this is Graal! The point is that you STOLE his images. Just fucking ask people if you can use their shit and people wouldn’t be pissed at you!

Second, who cares how old I am, and you really can’t judge me on my vocabulary when your grammar is worse than the autistic kid my wife works with. Every time you make a post all I can notice is how stupid you sound. The way you type is confusing and absolutely, fucking retarded. I can’t understand why you would want to look and sound stupid by typing that way.

Lastly, just leave this fucking game because have never brought anything positive to it. All you do is cause problems and I’m stick of it. Nobody else is doing anything about you and they don’t want me to mangle your account. Now, because you piss me off so much, I’m going to carry on flaming EVERY post you make.

Fuck you.

oooh cat fight. Reow!

Shut the fuck up, Chicken.

meh loakey you have to learn to ignore spoon. He did the same thing to you to me previously. I actually had opshon as original then iOpshon now lopshonl. This is bullshit indeed but dont feed the troll please.

I’m pretty sure you changed accounts because I hacked you, though.

I still didn’t understand the point of it but im not crying about it. I only cared about the post counts -_-:emo:

:smiley: , resulting to name calling and vulgar language is the last resort of a weak mind . please read the zombie server feed back thread , as if you had you would have realized that i already addressed this issue .

funny cause you didn’t hack me , you abused your power as moderator by banning me without proper cause , which is what this thread was about before you started losing your temper and proving my point .


Oh but this was perfectly in line.

"resulting to name calling and vulgar language is the last resort of a weak mind . " Uhuh, nice vulgar use of male genitalia and telling someone to have oral intercourse in a vulgar manner. I was going to stay out of this argument but you really deserve to be flamed/trolled/ect. when you continue to behave in a way that’s totally out of line and totally disrespectful towards others and their work. Why should anyone respect you when you don’t give the same respect you expect back? Stop victimizing yourself, you deserve it, and don’t act so high and mighty about your obviously without a doubt destined to fail server.

and this was all after . . .

which was meant to be a research topic for a server but one person turned into a shouting match about image rights . now your helping to keep this going . so you can stay off my server as well . as for giving respect , i do . i respect those who respect me and those who don’t , well can kiss my pasty white butt . “victimizing yourself” , I’m not , I’m actually pointing out that every single person that has come through graal.in has had this issue and it still continues . so if your done trying to turn this against me ? Talk all you want I’m not posting about this seeing that you have all tried to derail this subject .

Loakey your the one that can’t spell, also you are POSTING IN THE WRONG FORUM.

This should be in the COMPLAINTS section honestly, this is more of a complaint than a suggestion you chode jew.

Also, you spelt SUCK wrong. o_o

Banning won’t do crap btw, I have multiple accounts, also putting that message there is pointless if your going to just ban me LOL!

i honestly wasn’t aware there was a complaint section .:megaeek:

Then use it next time. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you started this “Twiggeh problem”

I can make servers, I can script, Draw, make Ganis, Anything.

I have had a server here xD “Evi” which still exists! But I don’t host anything until it’s done like you do! :smiley:

it’s just another stage of development , too many times i have discovered that something that works offline wont always work online . so i test online just as i do offline .