Hm, it seems that Crossfire has banned be because I don’t want to help him anymore. He has repeatedly called me names, and that’s the reason I don’t wish to help him. He also stated no reason in the banning. Hm, seems like abuse doesn’t it? What a server owner! Forgot to mention that he is still stealing levels and editing them.

Also, Riley, this section is for the Playerworld Aministrators to hear things isn’t it? So I assume that I should post this here because he is also stealing things. Not only this, but he doesn’t give credit to the scripts he uses from the forums or the ones people give him. :slight_smile:

i was almost banned for naming my guild titties

My statement is reasonable… He banned me because I didn’t want to help. That’s called abuse.

Yeah, even though Cross was doing the same thing with other words like that…

Banned me for the same thing as kondie, and I have a picture…Riley banned me previous to that for throwing 3 bombs in total at him in a tower…

Hosler has gotten banned twice…Has quite a few stolen things on there, and more…

Really it is just abuse.

He banned me because I didn’t want to help…abuse.

I was jailed for making my guild titties, this is a great issue and all you guys care about is your bans

Nice Mirage…

Fighting you in a PVP section is not harrasment.

Having abusive weapons such as money droppers, the /boom weapon, and other things, are used for harrasment. There are multiple noddess weapons in the weapons folder which can be seen by the PWA. I came into Noddess’ horse stable a few days ago when crossfire was trying to add it to the map. These can be accessed by the PWA.

Lol if your gunna ban people on GR you might as well have no server at all. With the limited population who really gives a fuck if there doing shit you don’t like. A server is made to have people on it… if you ban everyone that isnt going to happen. Derrrr duhh herpp -_-

lol, Riley, I was pretty sure that it was PK, but whatever…still doesn’t change the fact…You can throw bombs anywhere on any server without it being called abuse…

Alex, it would of been abuse, but he asked you to stop and you didn’t so you were banned after a warning, although a jailing might of been better but I’m not riley I don’t decide the punishment.

He didn’t ask me to stop, he said leave me alone…If I was dragging him, disconnecting him, etc, its against the rules. Not if I’m throwing bombs in a tower which is meant for fighting.

“Cry me a river”

There is a whole score of images stolen from iPhone in the shop, the staff room looks almost identical in layout to Noddess’, and the whole battle arena layout is from iphone

Mirage, he didn’t warn me.

Cross is also running around the tower with boots throwing staff bombs around to try to kill me x.x

That would fall under harassment. Lol

Throwing a bomb at someone in a guild tower? O.o

lol @bomb abuse/harassment. there is a pause button.

I don’t understand how killing somebody in a game that was strictly meant for combat and stuff is harassment.

If you’re intentionally stalking someone or trying to annoy them

Definition of HARASS
transitive verb
a : exhaust, fatigue b (1) : to annoy persistently (2) : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct
: to worry and impede by repeated raids

So killing somebody in a game is harassment… That’s pretty gay.

I say Abuse is wrong.

CrossFire is wrong.

pking is welcome in graal, if its not thats what fucking noplayerkilling; is for… therefore no abuse is going on… derp -_-

Proof of abuse…k

The level for guild making, looks EXACTLY like one of Noddess’ mining levels id…might be coincidence…might not be…

Tons of images stolen from iPhone, etc…

CrossFire running around with boots trying to kill me with staff bombs O.o