Account activation system broken - PM an Admin to activate your account

EDIT: I disabled e-mail verification on account creation until this gets fixed. You don’t have to do this anymore. All new accounts are created as activated.

The forum isn’t sending e-mails. Until Cadavre bothers to fix it, you will have to PM an admin to get your account activated. Current admins are:
Joey <- Don’t bother.

You can also try reaching somebody via IRC. Currently, Cadavre, Beholder (as Jonus), and myself are on IRC. If you try that method, be sure to explicitly mention one of our names in your chat message so our clients let us know somebody is talking to us and tell us the account names that need to be activated. We will eventually see your message and take action. But only if you explicitly type out our name. Otherwise, your message will probably get lost.

Cadavre: Nalin: Activate my account you dumbshits. Account: xXMyAw3someAccountXx

^ This, so they can activate your account AND ban you all at the same time. :smiley:

oh thanks !


Turn your hosting off or put it back up, theres 3 dozen unaccessable servers in the serverlist because of it’s state of undeath.
I don’t even deal with it but the thought alone annoys me! >: (

It’s sickening. Not that I’d cry that I can’t get on and work on TF, but it’s actually starting to infuriate me seeing my Server in a state of half-death. It’s almost a vegetable.

The Enrichment Center would like to take this opportunity to state that cake and grief counseling will be available after the test.

Wow - didn’t even know it doesn’t work. Fixed


Don’t even question it.

Was seriously not expecting that o_o;

We should get an SMTP server set up and start using that to send the emails. PHP mail does not want to work on Cadavre’s server. We could probably switch to gmail’s SMTP server even.

Sorry :(, sheesh.

It was out a month or two before the forums were updated. And there were plenty of threads about it.

Well it was made to just be kinda “left there”, i never really checked on it and no ones really brought it up to my attention. I rarely read threads, and I know a lot of people said their was problems a while back with the restarting and not starting back up (ports filled I think) so if I did see one I probably thought they were referring to that but I haven’t seen anything recently in the past month.

Plenty, plenty of threads.

Well, thank you just got my account verified by Cadavre :slight_smile:

Emails are now properly sending out once again.