Account half reset

Hello guys,

I was just entering the final part of CC (the cave into Pirate Base) on Graal the Adventure to get the Fire Blast. The room to the left (where there is an arrow vending machine and you need to shoot all the baddies with your bow) was bugging out. I kept receiving a popup alert saying “You can only send messages to the server once every 4 seconds” and some baddies got reset. After that i tried to exit and re-enter the room and that made me warp to a corner of the level. After having these issues for a while i decided to re-log.
After relogging, my account was pretty much reset. All my hearts gone, all CC flags unset (probably all flags?) and my character appearance reset.
I still have my NPCW:s however.

Is there some way I can have my flags set again and my hearts returned to me?
What caused this to happen?