Account merging

As of today I’ve started to merge accounts of people that have more than one account. If you wish to have one extra for some reason, tell me and I won’t merge yours. If you have an old account that you want merged, post in this thread or send me a PM here on the forums and it’ll make things go faster for me.

Q: So, why am I doing this?
A: I’m doing this to reduce trash in the database. I’m going to prune accounts soon too, but don’t worry, I’ll send out a mass e-mail to all accounts to warn about this so people that want to keep their accounts can tell me to keep it.

Account 1: Beholder (Primary, less secure)
Account 2: cling (Secondary, Debugging, less secure)
Account 3: jonusrockweller (Forum Admin, Non-Game, More Secure)

Since the forum DB and the gameaccount DB is seperated, I suppose I don’t need the division between “Beholder” and “jonusrockweller” anymore. “cling” I would like to remain unpruned as a dummy/test account.



Which way should I merge then keep the Jonusrockweller accname or the Beholder accname?


I don’t have a spare account. For various reasons, so don’t worry about mine.

Joey - weee!
KuJi - reserve

find anymore accounts… lemme know!

So, I shouldn’t merge those then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Suppose I could just ‘delete’ Beholder, and rename JonusRockweller. Everyone would be happy then!

Also, get this pink glittery name the hell off of me!

Merge MNSTRSPN with Spooon (main)

Keep Skyzer.

Sorry all three are allready merged. :stuck_out_tongue: did that before the weekend.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Had you ever made any posts with the beholder-acc on this forum? I don’t want guest-posts lying around on the forum now that the acc is gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, man…

Nah, never posted with it.

I know. Fixed your posts to fit your account.

Original Account: Solar
Current Account: SolarT

I only changed because Solar stopped working a while back and I couldn’t get a new password, lol.

I do like the name Solar better, so if it can be fixed, I wouldn’t mind getting control of that one back and merging SolarT with it. If you haven’t merged them to SolarT already, lol.


Spooon -> Downsider.
Cadavre -> Downsider.
Beholder -> Downsider.
Jonus Rockweller -> Downsider.
Dangerless -> Downsider.
Joey -> Downsider.
Nalin -> Downsider.
Agret -> Downsider.

Curse you :stuck_out_tongue:

O_o the fuck?

kalzor - primary
kalzor2 - debugging

Other accounts on this IP belong to my brother, don’t merge them with mine, I think that’d be incest.

mike2321 merge with mike232
and all those other ones i might have,
Dragontest thats for debug