Account name or password is invalid.

As soon as I type in my shit and click Start, this alert error informs me that I’ve entered the wrong account name or password and boots me back to the Log-in page thing. Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

Have you registered your account on the forums?
What I mean by that is on the forums there is a spot to register your Graal Reborn account, you need this for it to work.

Giant notice above your post. Look at it.

There’s even a link in the notice box that goes here:

___Merged doublepost__________________

I really should fix the registration process to force the user to choose a graal-password before posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking about it.

100% chance honky is iphone player…

even got a player earlyer that only came around because he got banned from official for using a cheat trainer

Aw dang man, I dun liked that hog tho. I guess I done gonna just settle for mah sistar than.