Account name/password is invalid


I created Graal Account from Control Panel and checked my e-mail in case. All set and successful. And I tried to login but it said Account name or password is invalid. Is there anything you can help me how to figure it out, please?

Many thanks

so you add/changed password in the manage account section like the huge notice said?

Of course, I tried to change another password, still doesn’t work.

using this client?:
I have no other ideas about what went wrong… :S

Yea, I downloaded it and installed then I registered it from Manage Graal Account. :confused: Didn’t work then I changed another password (just making sure.) Not working, so I dragged graal_reborn folder into Program Files folder and tried again to see if it work. Nothing work. :frowning:

are you trying to log in as Queen or are you trying to use your email as accountname?

Yea! LOL That’s how I figured it out while ago. E-mail = Username

Problem solved. Thread locked.

Email != Username
Username == Username