Add/Change Graal Password

Okay, I have now fixed so that you can use the Add/Change Graal Password page again. It doesn’t look very good, but it seems to work though! =)

I miss the old design. D:

I don’t mind this design, but I would like a more Graal-ish one.

Working on it.

Now that I think about it, whats the point of this?

To have seperatepasswords for forums and for game? Because if you have the forum pass, you can change the game pass x.x Since it doesn’t ask for the game pass…

The client sends the password plaintext to the servers. So by modifying our OpenSource Graal Server you could easily save the password to a file.

We used to have the forum password and graal password combined until someone stole an administrators password and did some things to the forums.

You know, since anyone can create a server that they have access to your password right?
(Accounts > Yenairo.txt)
I think that’s why they have a separate password for the forums and the game.

Aye. Not a good idea to use your forum password as your client password. With a little bit of coding knowledge anyone hosting a GServer can get your password.