Adding tiledefs

Ok im trying to add a tileset to editor but when i add it NOTHING happens at all heres what im using

if(created) addtiledef mario2.png,levelname,1;

Obviously it can’t be done if there’s absolutely no reference to it in the forums.

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Anywho, what’s the levelname for?


Needs to be saved as a 8-BIT PNG, get Paint.NET, trust me. Paintshop won’t save it properly or something, just get it :stuck_out_tongue:

you dont need levelname if entire server is going to use the tileset, or the start of the levelname of the start level (like my overwold is overworld_a01, etc), my tiledefs would be addtiledef gr-tileset_01.png,overworld_,0;

I put it addtiledef mario2.png,mario,0;
and “mario” is the name of the level but the level just looks black when I play and the Tiles tab is blank.

the tileset needs to be saved as 8bit as the above have said…(

How do i save as an 8bit in

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you should automaticly get a popup asking bit-depth when you save-as .png

I’ll get bitched at, but saving it as a .gif is so much easier.
I’ve never once had a problem with them unlike PNG.

I can change it into a .gif if you want, just send me the file.

Got it working but the tileset fails FML anyways ill prob make a new one this weekend :confused:

Post when you’ve made it. :stuck_out_tongue: If you want some comments, I’m here. lol I can also provide some fixes if you’re stuck on a tile.

It has to follow type0 or type1 procedures, you can’t just pull one off the internet ; )

I didnt I made it myself but its just that I put it in wrong places so I get the black or whatever color off the template.

to make a 8 bit png since its smaller in filesize then a gif which helps reduce loading and ultimately lag which is the only reason I use 8 bit pngs

1)save the image as a gif (remember to set transparencies)
2)in your graal folder there should a thing called gif2mng so just click on the image thats a gif that you want to be a png and drag it on to that gif2mng thing and right underneath the gif you should see a png pop out
note:since tilesets are so big in comparison to other images it may take a bit longer so just give it time if it doesnt work straight away :slight_smile:

Saving images as 8bit PNGs in
1: Save As
2: Select PNG from the drop down menu
3: When the new window pops up, select the 8-bit radio button
4: Click ok
5: ???
6: Profit



You use them only because they don’t have problems, making them generally the ONLY thing that works on GR.

8 bit pngs will always be smaller than 16/32bit pngs.
Compression is one of the reasons you save with as small a palette as possible;
Just because you can save it with an alphamap for a drawing with 3 colors in Graalv5, doesn’t mean you should.

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