Adding to the /weapons folder

I’m trying to add a staff tool to the /weapons folder, how do I go about doing this? Just make a .txt file with the script in it and add it or what? I tried searching for an answer but couldn’t find one so I’m hoping to get one on here.

This is all on RC by the way. I’m trying to give myself a staff tool but it’s not working

…Try putting the script in a level? :expressionless:FACE PALM

Well I don’t want the script to be in a level, I only want to give it to staff. It’s just me on the server now, I just finished setting it up. I’m trying to create this staff tool and want to be able to give it to other staff later, but for now I’m trying to give it to myself

make the level, don’t connect anything to it, say warpto x y levelname.nw, and you have the script.

You need to put toweapons in there somewhere though.

Well dang, I could have thought of that. I just thought there was a way to do it all through RC. My bad. Thanks though

you gotta have the weapons “loaded” first, then you can manually add em via RC

Could you elaborate on that Dontar?

I think he means.
Once the weapon has been obtained and cached by atleast one player, that you can open up another player’s attributes (/open account), and add the name of the weapon there to give that cached version of the weapon to said other player.

Yeah i figured that. So can i delete the level with the script in it once I’ve obtained it myself ingame? Or should I keep it

You can delete it.

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You can just make the wNPC file if you want. There is a certain format they use though, so you’d have to find that. Use the /reloadweapons command in the RC so the GServer finds it. And then use the addweapon triggeraction hack to give it to staff, or just give it to them manually via RC.

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