Admin message

I would like a feature added to tell players/admins on all servers if the server is going down for maintenance.

Got a new idea related to this.

I was thinking of being able to send admin messages to all servers hosted by the same binary.

But a way to send a message to all online servers would also be great.


Well, I could program in a listserver packet to pop up an admin message, but the issue is how do we access the listserver to call it?

I was thinking a control-panel port on the listserver that you could use RC to connect to.

That’s very much work though isn’t it?

It may require a listserver rewrite.

Yeah, I thought that part would be added when the listserver got rewritten. Just like the part where the listserver checks if the server is connectable or not.

I was thinking that if we had a admin panel on the listserver we could manage all Graal Accounts from there, adding and removing bans or manually adding accounts/passwords from there.