All of joey's servers are down

Could we be seeing the resurrection of the worst thing to ever happen? We will soon see methinks.

Where is this Joey :slight_smile: Everything crashes up here ?

We just need the staff of GR to be a douche while Joey’s server hosting is down, and all the fucking iNoobs will leave.
I’m looking at all the faggots named i"insert your fucking first name"

“insert your fucking first name”
Achmed. Hakeem. Jesus. Akbar. Anwaar. Diaab. Is’haaq. Ramza. Siraaj. Thaaqib. Osama. Zafar.

Muslim scum! >:O

iHakeem, iJesus, iOsama, iAli
Those are really funny now that you mention it. xD

Why does it matter that they are all down? They weren’t working in the first place, right?

Is it sad that I thought of Elders Scrolls races?

I dunno Joey’s hosting, but why did the servers not work o.O?

the hostings fixed lol

I hate all of those names. Only good ones are Hakeem and Jesus.

Lol I wonder why you picked Hakeem.