Almost 2019 Where is the download to graal reborn

I tried most of the links on the forums to download the client and most of them lead to a down website or expired download link

Welcome to the present, the french guy DMCAed all the links.

We talking about that guy who shut down UN right carlito if so then it was my doing he found out about graal reborn because I told UN staff to use graal reborn to rebuild from the corrupt globals

No, not Carlito. Unixmad. You have to get the downloads from Discord or something now. IDFK.

Why the fuck does he go by Carlito now instead of MysticalDragon? BTW his account on here is DarkLink. It’s VIP. LOL

What’s the discord

I’m sure someone can invite you. I’m not in it because everyone pisses me off.


I hear of this discord, but it seems pretty exclusive as I haven’t managed to get on it myself.

They’re being stupidly paranoid.

go back to graalians, spoon

Didn’t I invite you, Ethacon?