alrite so im new an im working on my server

im stuck on making the intro an the story will someone please help me out its my first player world thank you.

Best help you can receive is this advice: K.I.S.S
It stands for, “Keep it simple, stupid.”

Work within your ability (Ie: Practice and experiment) or you’ll just end up a clueless hobo out in the middle of the ocean.


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[/COLOR]when will sentienl be back i really wanna play it

You wake up on a beach and dont know who you are and you gotta kill some bad dude because he stole the crystals so you storm the castle on your pegasus slay the jabberwocky kill the bad dude and get home in time for cornflakes

lol i acctually like that

But then you’re double crossed by the obviously back-stabby friend, and spend the rest of the game retrieving your items and leveling up so you can eventually fight and best your friend-turned-enemy.

Upon slitting his throat in an epic 3D cutscene, you see his eyes are normal and you realize he was possessed by a demon all along. You of course do the only rational thing you can do, which is kill every last human you encounter so it will never happen again. With your last breath, as you finally die, by tripping over a chicken and breaking your neck, you finally realize that the demon had passed into you as it left your friend’s eyes. The screen fades to black as the chickens’s eyes begin to cross and glow red…


lol you guys are good

You wake up, tired, unaware of where you are. You try hard to remember, ‘yes’ you say, starting to remember the previous events on the night before. A large man wielding a ban-hammer is in your head. ‘Yes, it was the ban-hammer!’, that’s when it hits you, you don’t have long, you need to run! ‘But where?’ you say over and over and let out a few curses. ‘That’s it, I can leave forever, I must find a way to leave forever!’ You pause for a moment. A loaded gun lays on the ground beside you… You slowly pick it, ‘Yes, this will work’ you slowly say. BAM. It’s all over, you wake up, tired, unaware of where you are…

lol its kinda good


no, various’s is sooo much better.

hey will you please put bomber arena an sentienl back up please[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]XD funny

lol, Sentinel required a modified GServer, I’ve never altered Nalin’s version of the GServer (only looked at the code a bit) and had my C++ compilers go on strike.
Plus for a custom GServer that generally means I was hosting it myself, on my lovely 0.3mbps upload.

Sentinel was a tech-demo of what was possible, a playerworld it was not.

…Then again all of my servers were friggin tech demos… Scale2x, Mode Seven, Bomber Arena…
Even Unixgraal was to show what was possible, “Hey guys, I made this within 1 week. Get off your damn asses, its not hard to make this crap.”, haha