Amazing Covers

These guys are pretty legit.

Plus the girl is not bad on the eyes.

Shitty music is still shitty when sung by someone else.

There are exceptions but what’s been posted so far isn’t…

my friend at school likes this

oh and i think some of mariah carey’s music was good sung by american idol contestants once

some of the song writers that lost the coin toss and ended up with her are p good and then some aren’t obviously wow

heres some amazing covers btw

Thanks x100

That reminds me. I need some new sheets for my bed.

Your’s too hard? Turn on a UV light and it’ll look like Times Square.

My wife changes the sheets on our bed every week.

Well, not exactly. I moved back into my dorm in college, so I’m having to get sheets that fit the bed. -_-’

The jew inside me won’t let me spend money.