An inside look at the trainwreck of Era.

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Too long to paste here. Just read there story in the link.

The summary is this “The GraalOnline playerworld Era was and is a trainwreck of unbelievable proportions”


Whether it be Era or UN or almost every other “playerworld” I’ve never seen so many incompetent, corrupt and mentally ill people ruining things as I had in GraalOnline.


Way too long… I have a feeling part of his biography has been included in there.


I never did like Era. Like most other graal servers with custom PVP elements, you couldn’t explore without getting yourself killed easily. The average player was a massive dick, too. Like, not because they kill noobs, but the way they shit talk everyone around them. Era was a cesspool of cancer.

“”"“stealing money from unixmad”"""

I feel bad for this Valithor guy. He seems to genuinely want to improve Graal, but it’s kind of a lost cause.


I have just requested an answer from him asking if he knew of Graal Reborn and added a link.
Couldn’t figure out how to pm him.
Hopefully he will see it and drop by.


greast article, had a good chuckle at seeing what a shitfest some of the last servers left are becoming. not a big surprise, because anyone willing to hang around that dumpster fire with stephane must be some sort of wreck with issues otherwise common sense would’ve told them to bounce ages ago.


wow I don’t give a shit about Era at all


thanks for letting us know you don’t care


oh shit, i remember sage haha.

glad to see graal is cool with recording pms and shit, lovely


Given the recent posts by others about Era I think now would be a good time to bump this post and bring this up for more to see and read.