Another Chaos Continuum issue

Please delete this thread – solved my issue. No clue how I can delete it myself…

Nope. We have an ongoing no delete policy.

No loss of pots.

Why not post your solution instead?

Well, my initial petty issue was in the 3rd leg of the CC quests–after venturing into the cave that Larry stands outside of, there was an exit within the cave (at the north end of the level) that would put you outside on Mountain of Life, but behind the bar so that you could not move/continue your quest. You could only warp out. Turns out I was going through a wrong exit. The correct route was to exit through a door (no graphics really to make it an apparent door) that was at the bottom of the level which put me on the mountain where I could continue the quest. I initially thought that the exit I was using was the only one available and needed to be rescripted to put you in a better x-y location.