Antago NPC Build

I’d like to know what the NPC for antago was in Classic. It seems the servers down for good so I can’t check myself. I need it for reasons

oh man antago. the npc probably made you go insane or something.

Antago made a whole bunch of stuff mostly around the 2000-2001ish period off the top of my head I can think of the Trident, Gravity Boots, Moonwalking/Reverse boots and a bunch of other boots, Bomy Bopots, stuff in Avalon town, most of Graal2001 stuff and other things this is based on my old memory so one or two things may be wrong and there may be other things I left out. You can probably find some of his stuff in , , heck just check out everything that’s at

those moonwalking boots were way ahead of the times. like what kind of crazy fuck can actually think up the idea that pressing the right arrow might actually make you go left?

That’s the beauty of Antago’s mind.

Okayy I find it awesome that you guys replied so fast, but my title for this topic may have been a bit vague. I wanted Antago’s Character NPC build, I didn’t want to know what he’s had a hand in making, I’m well aware of what he did in one of his posts. Here’s what I wanted as an example:

FRAME 69 ani=cn_walk,body=body0.png,color0=orange,color1=white,color2=blue,color3=red,color4=black,dir=2,dx=0,dy=-615,head=head0.png,horse=ride.png,layer=1,shield=shield1.png,sword=sword1.png,visible=true

I may have posted it in the wrong spot, but that’s what I was looking for because I wanted Antago’s NPC info for a thing I’m working on.

like I said earlier I’d simply go on the Classic Adventure server to find out myself but it looks like its been down for a while now so I tried the forums instead. So if anyone knew this info it’d be a big help.

you are asking for character attributes. stand by while they graybeards consult the historical documents.

I think this it. I have an NPC of him on my server because I love him, but this might be the wrong style.

if (created) {
// Initialize the attributes
setcharprop #3,head17.png;
setcharprop #C0,red;
setcharprop #C1,black;
setcharprop #C2,black;
setcharprop #C3,red;
setcharprop #C4,brown;
setcharprop #2,no-shield.png;
setcharprop #n,Antago;
ap = 100;
shieldpower = 1;
dir = 2;

Hmm no the other one had head104.png. But I appreciate you trying, if I can’t find the one I have in mind I’ll use that once instead so thanks!

yeah I came across what I’m looking for it was this:


I’m just not too sure what the colors where or if he had a sword or if it was a default setup, if anyone remembers this I’d appreciate some further help.

I think I found what I was looking for:


I believe this is the version of antago I remember seeing in classic, and the end of his gravity tower. I liked this version personally so I wanted it in my little project. All I need now is a sword. I have no idea what sword he used… that’s all I’m missing now. If anyone remembers just shoot me the filename

Oh boy, that picture brings back memories. Graal Classic is and will always be the best way to do a non linear game to me.

Okay I think if anything I’ll use trident-sword.png. If I remember correctly you found the trident item in antago’s house at some point. So if I can’t find anything definite I’ll just give him that weapon.

I thought he used antago-sword.gif but might be remembering that wrong.

don’t forget bible.gif for the shield