Any suggested DS games?

Besides the popular ones, because most of the top 50 games or so on certain websites, are full of crap imo.

Wish I could help, I find most of them boring as hell also (and there sure as hell isn’t 50 good ones.)

Chrono Trigger (SNES is better)
Children of Mana
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Was good for a while, I’d like Graal to be more like it, haha)
Megaman ZX (Advent sucks, and I like Megaman Zero [GBA] more)
Final Fantasy IV (SNES was better, I miss that game. Ie: Was stolen)
Elite Beat Agents
Pokemon Diamond? (They’ve really over complicated things, Lol)

Crystal Chronicles is good for a while, and lasts way longer if you have friends to play it with. Echoes of Time has online functionality, but it lags horribly. Not much of a difference between Rings of Fate and Echoes of Time, game-play wise, so I’d suggest Echoes of Time simply because it improved a lot and story-mode is multiplayer as well(Rings of Fate has a separate gameplay mode for multiplayer, which is simply just access to the dungeons.)

There’s always Mario Kart, if you like that. Contra 4 if you liked those platformer shooters from the old days.

Harvest Moon, Rune Factory 1 & 2 have a good mix of the good ol’ Harvest Moon gameplay, but adds in heavy RPG elements like levelling up and weaponry. Good thing is farming takes a backseat to the RPG gameplay, but it’s still there if you’re into it. Sadly, in RF1 you have to farm in the later dungeons just to progress, which blows and where I stopped playing. I never got far in RF2.

Professor Layton is a great game if you’re into puzzles. It’s like the old point-and-click games, except people give you puzzles like riddles and such that you have to complete.

Mario and Luigi, Partners in Time, if you like Paper Mario.

Grand Theft Auto, Chinatown wars is great as well.

The Castlevania series, I liked Dawn of Sorrow the most. I feel Dawn of Sorrow is the easiest of the three to really stick to and gives you a reason to farm monsters and such without feeling repetitive. It’s just a nice balance.

Kirby Super Star Ultra is a great Kirby game, and the whole story-mode can be played with a friend locally, which is good fun.

There are a few more I liked, though they’re some of the popular ones, like Pokemon, New Super Mario Bros, Zelda.

What about a side-scroller beat’em them up game (besides Children of Mana of course.)? Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was the only DS title that I could find that was actually pretty fun (kinda short though).

If you have pre-DSi, you can get River City Ransom EX on the GBA… otherwise I can’t think of many, sadly. Though the Kirby I mentioned earlier is less of a platformer and more of a ‘grab the best monster and beat the shit out of other monsters’. But by yourself it tends to get boring fast.

Oh, there’s also the Resident Evil DS, but I think it has really shown its age… but if you don’t have a problem with the shoddy controls and graphics, it’s just about as RE as you can get.

There’s also Call of Duty on the DS, and Brothers and Arms. Both have multiplayer, and despite what people might say, FPS’ on the DS is great. One-player isn’t that great though.

Bangai-O Spirits is a really great crazy shootemup type game. You have all kinds of shot type’s to pick from as well as a sword and a bat you can use to knock enemy projectiles back at them. It even has a nice level editor where you use the touch screen to place objects and stuff.

Best games ever list

  1. Dementium: The Ward

  1. Henry Hatsworth (Trust me, it’s good, just a tad easy)

  1. Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team (It’s technically a GBA remake but if you haven’t played any MMBN games and you’re a DSi so you can’t play MMBN 3 (AKA the best one evar), get this.)

I was actually considering a DS soon, so i’ve been compiling a list of games that I think would be worthwhile to play. Whenever I get that list all set of I would say 5-10 games at the least i’ll try to remember to send it your way. I do have kind of… “selective” taste, though.

The Dreamwish Fantasy of Hello Kitty in Pollypocket land?

haha, no.

I’m a very big RPG fan which can sometimes sway my opinion and possibly overlook some good “non-rpg” games.