Anybody out there?

Is this server dead as well?

To anyone who’s by any chance viewing this, by which i hope at least one person can, i just downloaded the client, hope high that i’ve found a graal server where i dont get pk’d the second i leave spawn, and all the URL’s are 404s, the change password doesnt seem to do anything, and offline appears to be a mush of missing textures.
If anybody is reading this please respond, i’d REALLY hate to know that i was 2 years off from enjoying an actually fun graal game.

Graal the Adventure is still online… you’re ok to go. Unless the boats bug on you.

I certainly don’t think there is a chance of you geting PK’d either :smiley:

Spooon is going to purposely camp all the servers now.

There are still people here. Not many player-worlds right now. We’re waiting on our savior to build Graaltopia.

Could someone help me out?
I did the password change yet the thing still tells me i got my Account/Password wrong, and training just opens up to a wasteland where verything is invisible.

Press F4 in training? Or just launch the editor instead.

I’m not sure about the login issue. I seem to remember having this issue initially, too, but try resetting the password again.

In training do you get a bunch of messed up tiles or is it just green? I had the messed up tile issue. My issue was that my tileobject files were missing. Check to see if in: graal reborn > tileobjects > graal reborn (again…) you have 5 files.

I managed to fix my login issue (I did something stupid and the fix was too easy)
And offline mode is just green, btw, how many people are online during an adverage day?

If it’s just the default grass tile filling a level then unzip/unrar a server from the download bellow and load that. That’s how offline mode works (it’s a map editor, but you can preview/play the maps made also)

Download this

Extract a server and load the start level via it’s onlinestartlocal.nw/graal file.


If somebody’s doing something interesting and mentions it on the forums a few people will jump on. Doubt anybody checks the serverlist every couple hours like we used too.

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