Anyone else using Linux as their primary OS?

I recently installed Linux Mint KDE and I have to say it is starting to win me over. The only time I will boot into Windows is if I feel like doing a little gaming.

I do, I use Ubuntu 13.04 with XFce4. And Steam for Linux is pretty promising as well as Desura when it comes to gaming. :slight_smile:


Gentoo here

Are you using an AMD or Nvidia gpu? I always have the worst luck with the linux AMD drivers. :confused2:

Nvidia Optimus so I can run on either Intel or Nvidia. It was a bitch to set up properly, but after some googling I got some good info about it. :slight_smile:

What? you aren’t a fan of Linux?!

Once more titles on Steam come over I’ll probably make the switch, the only thing keeping me is the games!

My experience with steam is that it is just really buggy and crashes a lot. I can’t go to the store tab and view a game without it crashing 3 seconds after. :hmph:

I have no crash issues with steam whatsoever.

Yeah steam works fine. All my favorite old school games were ported to linux too.

I wish the developers over at amd would get their act together and make a decent driver for linux :emo:

They have one. You just have to fiddle with it.

Are you referring to these:


What sort of things did you do to get it running well? I had to enable Tear free desktop option because moving windows around would look like shit.

It’s been a while and I dont remember. The options will be different from card to card.