Anyone have a already made staff boots?

Zardonia team currently has no staff boots, the old ones were extremely buggy

Yes! they have indeed.…16-staff-boots
Perhaps try the search function next time?

Why do you need staff boots when all development is offline?


Nah, I saw his server online yesterday.

Why are they called staff boots anyway? We should rename them circle jerk booties or something.

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It’s a very useful tool. To run around levels fast with no regards to walls is useful.
The rest of the staff tools have a questionable use though.

I need a more detailed description, please record video explaining how to staff so that I can finally Graal correctly. I want to see real examples, not some oh look i can get into the void lol funny, right?

Actually everybody make a how to Graal video, it is our new of the week contest.

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Hah, I’m down for this