Anyone have Graal Classic Levels

If anyone has the Graal Classic level pack may you please link me to a download or share the location to download it from thank you

Graal Classic from June 1999 -
Graal Classic from January 2000 -
Graal Classic from December 2006 -

Hope this helps. You can find all my currently listed files at
I will also be adding more stuff in the future.

Just came here because I’m messing around with the level editor and I want to modify something that I’m familiar with. Graal Library is down. Can someone link me to another download?

I still have all the stuff from the Graal Library. It was taken down for a couple reasons. I had been in the process of moving and could not justify paying rent for a second apartment and second FIOS connection just to keep up a website with only a few hundred viewers most of which do not seem to care. The second reason is that nobody seems to care. Don’t get me wrong I have received lots of thanks, several grateful people and even a few people sending me some things. But ultimately how many of the hundreds of people that downloaded everything put them up on their own site or created a mirror of it? You guessed it… zero… I don’t want to feel like I am wasting my time and the only guy on the block bothering to host files… I can find a way to send some stuff as needed and maybe I will put up another site eventually.

You should put all the leaked account info on the site. That should get it more attention.

Hosbox can provide hosting.