Anyone know good MMORPG engines?

So, I’ve finally given up on Playerworlds, they didn’t even want to give a HTTP port to the last good Playerworld being developed.

I’m looking for a 2D MMORPG engine, preferably Zelda-ish. I suppose my budget is $2500 AUD (around 1500 USD), but I’d prefer to keep it around the $1000 AUD mark.

My current option is an established developer will sell me his engine for 1500€ (2500 AUD), but if you know any good MMORPG engine or something cheaper, let me know.

I’ve already checked on uMMORPG Unity asset, but it has a lot of crucial flaws and missing features, it wouldn’t scale very good as the project gets bigger.

You should check out roblox’s engine they made titles such as gta 5, minecraft, rust, rainbow you name it its on roblox

Wow thank you very much sir, I shall be using the Roblox engine

That would have interested codr would he still have been around.
@Codr u there?

He was working on an engine up until two years or a year and a half ago I don’t remember… had the rendering done and a scripting language made for it. Looked promising but it seems that since he didn’t have any incentive to finish it he just left.

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I’m still here, but he’s looking for something now, not way down the road.

Edit: I may get back into this in a month or so, too. Life distractions are out of the way again.

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I’d probably be fine even waiting 2 years for the engine, I don’t mind, as long as the quality of the engine is worth the wait.

All I want in life is a Graal-like engine to develop my MMORPG, but actually owning the engine so I don’t get screwed over by some scummy “business men”.

Well that’s another problem. If I ever finish it (which seems unlikely), it would not be made freely available.

And it shouldn’t be free.

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Obviously I’ll pay you. I only prefer to 100% own rights to the engine to avoid any scummy moves, but I suppose if you have enough legal terms so I can’t get fucked over (e.g. “you owning all content I make for my game”), then it’s fine.

Nobody here (including me) can finish off a game engine even over years and years of development. So i think no one will make it for 2500AUD

Depends what you’re looking for.

Unity is currently in the process of depreciating it’s current networking solution (many third-party assets are based off this infrastructure). There’s a preview available for their new networking schema, so you can get used to it.

If you need some kind of custom scaling, just roll your own solution. Otherwise, run with a third-party solution and adapt. Sure, it’ll be a nightmare, but you aren’t going to be making an MMO any other way.

As an aside, you won’t find any developer willing to work on an MMO solution or custom game engine for $2500 AUD. Let alone both of them for that price.

Mainly was just looking for a good already-made MMORPG engine, as obviously asking someone to make one from scratch will be very expensive.

I might just try my luck with uMMORPG and hiring devs to modify it to my requirements.

@KamNull this one is free (as well as another one called Orion+… Intersect is the one I linked)

Intersect is C#
Orion+ is VB

check em out