Anyone used to watch Naruto?

Just wondering if anyone watched Naruto when thy still made new episodes

No. No one cares about the popular anime here.

Nobody cares about anime here.

as you can see only a few do . but i prefer the manga over the anima cause of all the stupid bs in the middle of the good stuff . tend’s to get annoying waiting the whole episode to see the small bit you want to see . but you don’t get to cause of all the stupid shit that ate up the whole episode . frankly the shippuden started strong but took a drastic turn when they kept gaara alive .

Do not believe it! No really, don’t believe anyone here cares about Naruto.

I care about Naruto. Believe it.

Okay, didn’t expect that.
Okay, next to no one cares about Naruto here.

Beholder cares about Naruto too. We have slumber parties at his house where we eat ice cream and watch Naruto subs in our pajamas together. SUBS because everybody knows dubs is the inferior choice to consume anime.

tru fuckin dat.
Also, wtf, slumberparties?
What are you? Giiiiiirrrrrllls? :stuck_out_tongue:
I tease, mate.

i watched anime when i was 15

never again

well maybe but like idk

i mean ygotas doesn’t really count

honeslty hamtaro is my favorite anime hands down id watch it right now

That’s because you sexualize hamsters.

bishounen jump

~bishie hop~

actually nalin i think hamsters are gross they remind me of lolita :[ i want nothing to do with hamtaro

i want chip the cookie crisp wolf gosh get your facts straight

The fuck is this thread doing alive?

Because someone opened it. :\

I watch POKEMON and it’s the best show ever


I used to read the mangas and watch the tv show, but I stoppped last year

Fuck off, nerd.