Apply for a moderation position today!

[CENTER]Moderator Application Form

[SIZE=3][FONT=arial narrow]This is the standard application for attaining a moderator position on the Graal Reborn forums.
If you’re interested in becoming part of the moderation team, this is what you’re looking for.

Please answer the questions listed below in a Private Message directed at either The Mollusk or gllt.
We will take your applications, consult each other, and then conduct a private interview with you, after the fact.
Try to keep answers in the format modeled in this example, brief and simple. We will discuss details later.


[INDENT=6][FONT=courier new]Why do want to become a moderator? (One sentence.)


[INDENT=6]What areas do you wish to moderate over? (Pick two.)

[INDENT=6]-------------,------------. General? . I

[INDENT=6]What makes you suitable for moderating these areas? (Two sentences or so.)

[INDENT=6][FONT=courier new]--------------------------------------------------------


[INDENT=6]What is your schedule like? (School, Work, etc.)

[INDENT=6]Hours? ------ Days? ------

[INDENT=6]Other? -------------------


[INDENT=6][FONT=courier new]How do you wish to be contacted for the interview? I
[/I]Instant Messenger? Email? Private Message? [U]—


[CENTER][FONT=arial narrow][SIZE=3]Here are the available areas you can choose from. All available ‘positions’ are equal in power.
Therefore, it’s not how powerful you are, it’s just what areas do you help manage.
Each area must have two moderators, with the exception of General, which must have three.
Based on this model, the maximum number of moderation positions currently available is: 3.
One of the three moderators will assume slightly more responsibility than the other two.

General Section (Three Slots Open)
Development Section (Two Open)
Playerworlds (Two Open)


Apparently the application’s instructions were not clear enough,
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=courier new]so here are some tips for filling in the blanks.

It’s not required that you get everything exactly as it’s laid out,
but some things only have specific answers you can use.

In this case, if you put something like Misc or Levels as an answer,
you have answered incorrectly.[/FONT][/COLOR]

What areas do you wish to moderate over? (Pick two.)

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=courier new]Development. General? Y. I

[/I]This is equivalent to choosing two, and is a valid response.[/FONT][/COLOR]

What areas do you wish to moderate over? (Pick two.)

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=courier new]Development, Playerworlds. General? N. I

[/I][/FONT][FONT=courier new][B]This represents one of the proper ways to answer this question.
You would be applying for one of the 2 lower moderation positions.
This is because if you’re not working in General, then you aren’t working in all three.

You may apply for all three positions.

I’m sorry if this was confusing.[/B]