Are there any good third party clients to work on GScript with?

I’ve come back to this community, and have been looking at all my old stuff. I was so in-efficient! Are there any third party programs that I can use to write my GScript. Thanks in advance.

Notepad++? There’s no application to write GS1 npc’s, but notepad++ has syntax hilighting for a lot of languages, so you could probably set it to javascript or something and script that way.

Otherwise you use the graal level editor/gonstruct.

Yeah, I have been using Notepad++ it’s pretty nice. I was just wondering if someone had maybe developed something for gs1/gs2. Thanks!

I use sublime text, but I don’t ever use GS1.

I used jEdit for mass modifications since it can search and replace text in batches of files.
Shouldn’t be too hard either to customize your own syntax highlight.

Kelathos and I worked on a Javascript level renderer, if anybody wants to try to add editing functions that would be awesome!

Woah, all of these sound really nice, I’m trying to get into developing stuff for Graal again. Hope I find the motivation.

tricxta has made a level editor in both java and C# + GTK so far.

Our community has the knowledge to actually work together, why don’t we all just help eachother out and make something great, like suggested so many times before?

Step 1 for me is to write the npc-server to a point were it is usable.
Step 2 is to fix up the issues in the client I’m working on. There are some minor issues, but when those are fixed, it could easily replace the Graal client as is. The only thing would be that you need to script in C# (same style as serverside with the npc-server)

All this is a lot of work for one person, but if we all help out, we get something done sooner. And by helping out, you make sure it works like you want it to! :slight_smile:

I’d be willing to contribute in whatever way I can. I’m so glad that you are back and working on graal reborn. As a community, we can do it.

Helping out can be done in many ways.
The most helpful knowledge is

  • C# (for NPC-Server, Client, Remote Control development).
  • Any other programming language experience, especially object oriented. (Java and Action Script 3 is very similar to C#, so the learning curve isn’t too steep.)
  • The Graal network protocol.
  • Graal scripting behavior.

I’m currently in school learning a mix between C and Java, I’m sure I could contribute in some way. Just PM me or whatever!

I’m currently working on my own MMO-Esque toolkit. I’m writing the server and client in C++, the tools are in C#. My scripting language is powered by GameMonkey Script but I’m contemplating making the switch to AngelScript.

I’ve only recently begun a re-write of the tool kit to more closely resemble an IDE, that way many developers will hopefully feel more at home in the environment. The goal is to have a fully customizable and extensible interface via a plugin system. It remotely syncs with the server so interacting with a file browser is less tedious.

Currently supported features:
-Tilesets of any size
-Transparency in tiles
-Toggle-able grid
-Customizable tileset attributes (Collisions, swimming, etc)

-Animation Editor based off of the graal editor, all features found in the graal editor are currently supported in my own toolkit

-Fully fledged code editor powered by ScintillaNET
-GS2-Like syntax

All tools are self-contained in the one executable.

Attached is a preview of the current state, note that the tiles aren’t actually a tileset, but a mockup for a game I’m building with this toolkit. The tiles in the second attachment are not at all mine, they are just random tiles I found on google to use as placeholder art.

If there’s interest, I can continue to post my progress in a separate thread. I’ll more than likely release the tools once I’m finished them if people want them.


The tiles in the second image looks really good. Where are they from? Is there a game out there that uses them? Would be cool to check out. :slight_smile:

And nicely done with the tools Jatz, looks awesome so far.

I’d definitely be willing to support a project such as this. It looks really nice. Continue the good work, make a progress thread do what you gotta do!

They are from a game called “Seyken: Crystal Kingdom”. As far as I know development of the game has been discontinued.

That’s sad to hear. Maybe one could get permission to use the tiles in a project.

If they old enough they might be public domain

Oh, I don’t think that’d be possible as the game was discontinued because of a cease and desist from the pixel artist:

Hot damn!