Aria will be a pirate based server with ton’s of things to do it will start with your sister is kidnapped by pirates an you will go search for her. her name will be aria i will name the world later on basically its still in dev but you will choose at the end to kill your sister who has this jewel in her body that the main boss needs to become ruler of all of the land an the most powerful dude in the the world but if you save her you reunit an she will assit you in in battle. you learn that your sister was protected by these ancients she is a ancient godesse the enemy will meet her same time you do at a ancient shrine. well thats a sneak peek ill give you one more the main boss was a prince in the royal family. the princess told you he was a evil guy you watch the servant kill the princess. with the prince beside him laughing. you run for the king but the guards grab you an lock you in the prison an prisoner tells you how to escape you esape an have to tell the great fairy what is wrong only she can save you an the world when you get there you see that she isnt there. you search her book self an find a secret note.

K cool. Why do so many servers have that name though…

idk i made the damn thing x_x

Why are there so many servers named Aria? O__o

You shouldn’t give so much of the story away in a summary of the plot. Hiding plot elements from the player until they reach them gives them another reason to seek out things to do on your playerworld.

ugh I just read it and it’s so cliche it’s scary. Make it more interesting. How does the king not know of these things? Who are the ancients?


:smiley: will all be revealed soon an pyrez an that was a sneekpeak not really a plot can any one else not connect to graal reborn servers.

Cliché can work fine. You need to disguise it though and present it correctly and at the right time. You can basically write about anything and still come up with a decent story that you can apply to gaming (but you’ll need to make sacrifices. Gameplay > Story.).

Hell I could easily write a story about my buddy riding a turtle into space and defeat the evil space clowns and you would read it and you would enjoy it. It’s all about the presentation of the core plot developments and the surrounding events (including the secondary filler stuff) and being able to carry the reader or player through with linear narrative, but you mask the linear part (especially important in games as everyone loves choice currently).

Just step back and think to yourself: What would you enjoy about this story? Do you think like-minded individuals would enjoy it? What about those who wouldn’t? How will you make the story enjoyable for them? Basically, make the box then look at it from the inside. Then step outside and look at it from the outside and adapt it as necessary.

There’s alot more than that to story writing but I’m just covering stuff off the top of my head. I don’t actually write all this crap down anywhere. I probably should. Maybe I could write a book on how to write a book.

EDIT: Pretty sure the listserver is down. The admins will sort it out as soon as they see it / figure out why it’s broke.

Maybe cliche is the wrong word. More like BORING. It’s too normal, at least for me it is. Who wants to play a server that has such a normal, boring plot. You’re actually being a dick to the player for boring them so badly. Spice it up a bit with some interesting things that we can’t find in another story.

The whole kill your sister / save your sister part reminds me of Fable in fact its almost exactly the same you can kill your sister at the end and get the most powerful sword in the game or you can wuss out and save her and get some other lame weapon. I do like the idea of branching paths and or a morality system it could totally be done on graal…