Armageddon: Dragorian War (RP Server) - Beginning Development

I was going to wait till I finished the main design of the overworld, but I couldn’t wait any longer, so I’m posting this now. :slight_smile:
The main things you should take note on the attached map are that the mountains (or “mountain”) to the west should be a desert mountain. Also, the two lines in the top right corner (one going north, one going east) are due to the level generating. No work has been done besides stuff on the overworld and currently the server is not even online. As work progresses, the gserver will be online more often. Also, I’ll probably keep editting this post. So if it interests you, be sure to check again later.

Armageddon: The Dragorian War

Armageddon: The Dragorian War is a single chapter of a long complex story timeline. The Dragorian War marks a change of era and civilization, and therefore, is important to the story of “Armageddon”. This Graal playerworld will be a roleplay (RP) server. That means each player will choose to take the role of a member of either side: the Dragorian race, or the kingdom of Armageddon. Graphics will be a traditional “classic” style to create a similar roleplaying environment to that of Graal Online’s “Valikarlia” RP server. Levels will be made up of a designed overworld, realistic-changing towns, quests, and more.

The Dragorians have existed since the beginning of time. They are the favored race of the gods, and have qualities of dragons (and may even be able to transform into dragons). They are a peaceful, righteous, respectful race. They are capable of performing various magical spells. And they have long lifespans believed to even be infinite.
The humans are seen as the “baby” race to the dragorians for they have not existed as long as them. The humans, however, are far more technlogically inclined than the dragorians. While their technology is far more advanced than any the dragorians know of, the humans are mundane creatures not known for being able to perform magic. They also have less-honorable means of fighting than the dragorians who refuse to disgrace the gods by using such tactics.
The two races are at war with eachother and are constantly fighting over territory to conquer the other.
While the Dragorians do not wish for the same total domination as the humans, they will do what they must to keep from losing the war and their civilization.

The focus of the game will be the roleplaying element. The two sides are at a continuous war with eachother. Battles will be decided by the player, but the war itself will never finish (as there would be no game after) unless there is to be some dramatic change of the story/server/etc.
Each side will have its own towns to defend from the other side which can conquer and take control of the opposing kingdom’s side. When a kingdom takes control of a town, it will then be theirs to reside in and defend.
Each player will take a specific role in their kingdom and may work up the ranks and possibly even become leader (Players will likely not be able to play as “king” of Armageddon, but instead a sort of “General”. The king may just be an NPC. Dragorian kingdom will likely be the same.)

The overworld is meant to have many different types of terrain. At the northeast corner of the land are the snowlands (which will likely have to be “discovered” and “built” as part of the roleplaying)
On the west side of the land is the dry mountain range which continues from north to south. This is naturally dragorian territory and their capitol city will be to the north of the mountains in the grasslands.
The Armageddon capitol will be located on the southeast corner of the land.
There will also be 2 islands, one of which will have a city which can also be fought over.
Quests will be throughout the overworld, and may perhaps involve two separate linear storylines (one for dragorians, one for humans).
Though a linear quest storyline may just be replaced later

I should begin by saying my abilities at scripting are VERY limited.
Due to this, I’m not entirely depending on being able to use any sophisticated systems for the scripted aspects of the game.
But if a scripter does come along, it will help the game reach its full potential.
The first complication is to script the ability for Dragorians to be able to transform into Dragons, and NOT have it feel uncomfortable or difficult to play as a dragon. The dragon HAS to be a good strong character.
After that, other main things which will need to be scripted:
-HP System
I would rather have a simplistic HP system similar to the “classic” feeling of Graal where you know how much HP you have left, and can quickly calculate how many more hits you can take, what kind of hits, etc.
-Leveling/EXP system
IF there is a leveling/exp system, it will be capped. This means players will only be able to reach a certain “strength”. Don’t worry, there will be other elements keeping the players playing besides trying to level up and get stronger weapons/items. The reason for this is I prefer wars to depend upon player’s actual “skill” as oppose to their characters’ levels and weapons. Players should be “good” fighters because of personal skill and practice (like “classic” sparring/PKing), NOT because they spent countless hours killing monsters.
The level/EXP system might just go with the quest storyline.
I will have to have a job scripted (mining is a possibility) and things worth buying.
This may be weapons, armour… or simply a side-element to the game.
I actually have a very sophisticated, complex system planned out, but definitly cannot script it myself (i don’t want to get into detail with this idea, but it’s pretty well-planned out unique idea and gives players a reason to work, save money, trade items, sell items, etc… if created, it will be the basis of the economy)

I have not decided on the tileset (which is a continuous problem) but will likely not use the default/classic style. I'm looking for a sort of updated editted classic style.
Everything will be graphics which are appropriate for the tileset.
Much of the human technology will have to be drawn as well as dragorian spells.

I hope to make good use of ganis. They'll work well with Dragorian magic and human technology.

About me:
I am accepting help in any type of development. There is no “hiring” or “firing”. If you help me, you’ll be part of my development team, and if decide to stop helping me, then that means you quit my team.

I am open to various ideas. If you have ideas you wish to develop upon for my project, I will try to incorporate them in whatever way I can.

Currently, I'm not looking for anyone to co-lead this project as I'm still hoping on a specific person to join up and bless me with his abilities.

I'm very good with ideas, concepts, organization, planning, and definitely story-writing. But when it comes to implementing such things, I have difficulty (except for storywriting… since it only involves writing). So I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Interesting. I don’t care about roleplaying servers on graal, but this could turn out very good, as long as you keep it “working.”

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I say go for it but your Levelgen'd map is, how you say… Derelict