Armonston Ch2: Puzzled Traveler - Under construction !spoilers! (if anyone cares)

Parts of it feel like a game! :smiley:

Customize emacs

Known Bugs:
The right button is sticky for some reason, it’s written the same way as everything else so it’ll need some reading before finding what the bug is.

Somehow when I succeed killing a snake, part of its body stay and keep cycling.

LTTP boots:
Write proper wall detection
They’re a mess

Boat Game:
When two boats collide and end the level (something not planned happens)

Study backand clean
Write proper wall detection (currently lodges at different depths in walls)
[COLOR=#A9A9A9]- Shoot through 1 wall wide but lodges in it if too far

  • Shooting through one wall wide while playerdir == 2 works but sends no arrow
  • Screw this, these bugs are kind of minor: FEATURE![/COLOR]
    Write proper hit detection
    Arrows do not all stay the given time
    Cancel shots when too close to a wall
    Make stickiness work properly (directions when on a npc)
    Doesn’t damage rats?

Shows no image?


Custom pause menu:
Leave to the player the choice of leaving story mode in order to roam the Armonston city levels
This makes the town a good area to put more things to do
So there could be rewards here and there
Therefore, add a custom pause condition to npcs and player
Add link to boat game editor

Finish the invisible npcws:
Test if playerenters is triggered on login. – it’s not
They were made as a work around to control finer parts of graal, principally control spawning points when dying or connecting.
Login handler that asks where you want to go: latest “event” (story mode) or free play mode, where you play in the town, outside of story mode.
Make sure they are in each level
Optimize them

Prison scene and level:
It needs some tweaking, this is the starting point of the quest.

Sewers dungeon:
Make sewers more complex? Right now the burden I put on myself creating something that complex seems to have taken over the design of the dungeon altogether. It could effectively feel more like a game with some tweaks. The stairs down after getting the bow could have the bosskey lock…
Script the rats
Script the rat spawner
Populate outer levels
Populate inner levels

Polish levels (they’re a bit bland right now)
Create incentive for compusdead room
Create incentive to go north
Link levels
Make “indoor” levels

Make level transition animation (for levers, transition levels)

  • Develop an npcw
  • Find a sound
  • Make transition levels
    Place Keys
    Place hearts
  • Find a chest image (tileset chest looks out of place)
  • or place them otherwise ?
    Script the dragon
    Script the rotating fireballs thing
    Script the ordinary blocks (Zelda 1 type secret push/pull blocks)
    Script throwable bone
    Manage death/spawning and tilesets
    Finish coding the “falling in hole” event
    Make prisonsewers1-3 more puzzle-ish
    Figure out the elf (make him an npcw? control his speech… what about if player dies?)
  • Develop a npcw for respawning at the right place upon player’s death
    Finish coding the -antiswim npcw

Cemetary scene & level:
[COLOR=#A9A9A9]Make level

  • Cloudish effect
  • Tile it
  • seteffect dark
    Make gani movie[/COLOR]
    Link to catacombs
    It is rudimentary polish later

Catacombs were already fully complete!

Test it

Bed game:
Maybe make the beds turn faster… it’s kind of frustrating right now - no
Losing words: Took you too long, let’s reset.
Upon losing, there’s a bed that stays half turned.
There’s been a bug where a bed wouldn’t turn(???)
Manage focuses

  • Focus on frog when speaking
  • Start the game when it’s done speaking
  • Focus on cursor instead of middle
    Make transition to frogger minigame
    [COLOR=#A9A9A9]- Frog speech
  • Fade out[/COLOR]
  • Keep frog from being stuck in a chest
  • Make transformation animation (into frog)
  • Make portal opening animation

Frogger minigame:
Freeze/hide player, fade in
Bubble with player head pointing to the frog
Clean collider spills - maybe
Get sprites
Make better sprites maybe
Debug them stupid colliders
Code and support logs, turtles and water lilies
Add snake
Win states
Lives (& time?)

Frogger end game:
Fade back to guardhouse
Get sword animation
Soldiers barge in

FF Battle:
Wizard summoning gani movie
This is a final fantasy battle that happens at the last level of the guardhouse (2nd “dungeon”). Just for the kicks.

Sandsnake dream:

Mario swimmer:
Blank Slate, ladder at the end

Port Level, transition to boat game:
A dark port, you volunteer as a crewmember on some boat to get to the evil town that stole the holy pomegranate (central point of the quest).

Boat Game:
[COLOR=#800000](Finish the editor option:

  • Add save level options
  • Add try level option
  • Add highscores for any level)[/COLOR]

Beerchug contest (tetris):
Implement variable speed that’s controlled by tapping a button.

Darkness maze:
Player has to enter alleys that are completely dark.
Will have to steal a lantern at the port level.
The actual maze
A lighting script that would keep the maze challenging without lag and revealing as little as possible.

Last minigame (lode runner):
This had no work at all made beside what I now know of npcs crossing levels.
I also found a very good spritesheet… it should be fun to do but we can’t have it more than 2 levels wide (shouldn’t be a problem… spritesheet has very small graphics)

No stress, this is reference for me and whoever. I’m still debating whether if I should find something more rewarding instead.

Did some progress.

Oh wow sweet. can’t wait :smiley:
You should add tower defence :slight_smile:

nice, looking forward to playing it

graal + tower defence is something I don’t think I’ve seen. I don’t think I could handle the addictiveness.

On unholy nation they have tower defense. I have a gs1 version (Though i didn’t make it in fact it was made by [USER=“5637”]tricxta[/USER] )

tricxta made a tower defense game? Cool, never heard heard about it.

yeah he did here it is.

I can’t access
I get a 403

[h=1]Forbidden[/h] You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

he has ddos protections it must be the country you live in. ill upload it myself.


I’m pretty sure it’s blocked because he banned all French visitors from the site which is hilarious

Lol :smiley:

Oh, it’s some ok code.
I don’t think I’ll implement it unless I figure out where to put it and feel like scripting my own.

Thanks anyway.

I did some more progress, the rat baddy was a major setback that made me put the project on the ice (I hate scripting wall detection). It’s done now, along with the spawner… works much better than I hoped. So everything’s alright right now.

No problem. I figured if you wanted to add it that you would modify/make your own script for it anyways.

Like 2ndwolf said, this isn’t the best code, there’s a lot of things that should be handled differently but it’s a good proof of concept. Not quite sure how this wound up on unholy nation though?

Graal is a chimera of all sorts of stolen content.

[USER=“5637”]tricxta[/USER] unholy nation used yours as a base script. its actually commented out on serveral of the scripts for Tower Defense. I discovered this when i used to work there.

I quit cause the manager was a jerk and later banned me.

Edit: Fun fact unholy nation is 70% GS1 still.

lol change that to management and it pretty much sums up 70% of graalonline servers as a whole.