At a bar lol


Have you ever heard of the subreddit talesfromretail? It might interest you.


lots of old boomers with zero patience. after not long of working there I’ve realized I don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with their bullshit so if they’re being rude I basically give zero fucks and stop helping them
my day involves dealing with a lot of lower class people, including crackheads and many native americans (especially the days welfare cheques are in)
I had to help out a 7 foot tranny that looked 100% like a woman wearing woman’s clothes the other day
also had to help a blind guy shopping, his first question was “what color is this thing?” lol. he ended up buying some stuff I helped him find
I dunno my stories aren’t as interesting as I thought. Probably because I try to forget about this job when I get home. The retardation and especially rudeness of people really sucks. I don’t mind answering dumb questions that much if people are nice though. what pisses me off is when people ask vague shit I can’t answer and when I try to explain I need more info sometimes they’ll just get assblasted and say I don’t know what I’m talking about. no you’re an old boomer and I can’t wait until all you fuckers are dead or trapped in retirement homes within the next decade.
coolest thing so far was blowing the minds of my coworkers and the customer who I was speaking to, I could tell they were japanese so I just started speaking japanese to them and their eyes just lit up when I changed languages like that.
overall its a shit job but I need money and at the end of the month even a min wage paycheck doesn’t look bad with enough hours behind you.


That’s kinda cute. Was it a present for someone else? Though, I guess blind people aren’t completely blind and probably would want to be able to avoid certain colours. Hmm


some boomers are nice people, but as a whole, boomers are a dead weight on us that don’t really provide much and are just living off the rest of their savings and pensions.

here’s a good story I almost forgot. three native fellows come in on welfare payday. its an uncle and two nephews, looking for a phone. an interesting thing is the uncle is extremely drunk. they have their old phone with them which was broken by being thrown apparently. the drunk guy keeps asking me if he can use the old broken phone’s charger for the new one. I tell him “no, this has a different base and newer models aren’t necessarily interchangeable even if it might look that way.” to which he responds “well they’re the same fuckin’ panasonic, why not?”. I try to explain to him “well it doesn’t work that way, this one has a completely different charging base.” to which he angrily responds “this is my fuckin’ land, it can do whatever I want.” I just kind of try to not chuckle at that. Then he just says “aha I’m just fuckin’ wit ya.” He actually decides to get a phone. I tell him he can have it in white or black, “he says I’ll have white, I fuckin’ hate whites” but it turns out we’re actually out of them because the store inventory is a mess, so we get him the black instead. After like 20 mins of explaining the same stuff about the phone to him I finally ring it up on the till. Btw the whole time he was been calling me amigo and was yelling at my manager who is a beta cuck saying “HEY! HEY AMIGO! AMIGO! HEY!” Then my manager came over to answer the same question about the chargers and the native just drunkenly said some crazy shit to him, so beta manager just leaves and I laugh. Mr. Drunken Native then asks me if I’m Italian for the second time (he asked me that before while he was calling me amigo during the first 20 mins). Finally we ring the phone up after he asks the initial questions again for one last time, while I’m unable to stop laughing at how crazy this shit has been and all the crazy shit he’s been talking about. He says “you’re pretty funny amigo” and leaves the store with his phone, his nephews turn to me as they hold him up to walk out of the store and give me a look of “I’m sorry.”