At a bar lol


At a bar. Right?
Not my kind of crowd really. But I got to do something of my time.
People are crazy. I’m a bit drunk too.


It’s more like clublin in fact. Wow. Probably being judged cuz I’m on the phone. Life!


Wow you’re at a bar!? You’re far more social than me.


well whiskey on the rocks. cheap and gross, but does the job


Bourbon and Cola, German Cider and then I normally do something ridiculous or shit myself.


i whip out the phone only when im too drunk to talk


Well, trying to be more social. Life gets boring without knowing anyone in the area. I usually drink gin + tonic. “Doubles” were free so that was it and a beer because they had those old style bottles I wondered how it felt to drink from those. They’re actually more convenient to drink from, takes less place.



I haven’t been to a bar yet. Not really interested


It’s a good place to hang out with a few friends and get drunk. Otherwise bars are for degenerates.


oh so that’s why. I don’t have any friends


Bars are overrated. Nothing beats sitting alone in the basement, fingers teetering on keyboards.


Back to the club :smiley:
Tonite was fun but the DJ was shit :frowning:


was it lit?


It was alright. Friend wanted to leave so we left…


Please keep us posted

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socializing is for faggots


fuck socializing am i rite
heeehehehaah ahaah h ah hah



i work retail now so i get to have lots of interesting stories dealing with people


I want to read some of these,